Mercy Wave Foundation Launches Hospital Outreach program As Alternative To Support Patients

 It is no news that the cost of accessing quality health services in the country is expensive.  As such, many people are left with no other option than to seek inadequate alternatives to their health challenges.  Many a times, some patients are stranded in the hospital following their inability to offset accrued medical bills and the reluctance of the hospital management to let them go.  

It was against this reoccurring issue that the idea of the Mercy Wave Foundation Hospital Outreach was initiated.  As a certified medical doctor herself, the CEO understood first hand the challenges of these patients and thus, set out,  through the various State and Local chapters, to reach out to these patients. 

The hospital outreach program was designed mainly to give medical help and offset the bills of patients without means to do so in various hospitals across the country.

In keeping with this much important mandate, the Edo State chapter of Mercy Wave Foundation went for a highly fruitful medical outreach in certain areas

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