For the Efulefus, see your one Nigeria: 
There are five deep seaports in the Eastern Nigeria, deeper than Lagos seaports, yet the conspiracy to Strangulate the Eastern economy, and force the Igbos out to develop Lagos and Abuja and the North made them to stop all seaports in the East from working.
Today, see what Lagos has turned INTO. These are express roads that are no longer passable.
This is to show you how mean, callous, unpatriotic and viciously inhuman the political leaders of Nigeria can be.
The most painful to this terrible situation is the fact that the Governors and sociocultural leaders from the South East and South South are closing their eyes to the blockage of more than three million businesses and about Five million employment opportunities derivable from the direct and ancillary income benefits of the seaports in the East.
For those who claim to be indigenes of Lagos and Abuja, who are crying that the Igbos have bought all their lands, please, help us tell the Federal government and the big men in the South West, Nigeria to open the seaports in the East. The Igbos are in Lagos and Abuja and other parts of the country, outside their beautiful home states because of the conspiratorial closure of the Eastern Seaports.
These seaports and the airports are geographically designed pathways to socioeconomic prosperity and sustainability.
Open our seaports in the East before Lagos witnesses an unavoidable social disaster implosion. There is certainly no time left.
Comrade Val Igwebuike

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