You are a Vociferous Tout, OHANAEZE YOUTH President Tells Ariwa Youths President

The President of OHANAEZE YOUTHS WING, Comrade Arthur Obiora has reacted to the comments from the President of the Ariwa Northern Youths Forum, Alhaji Yerima Shettima, who has boisterously declared that no Igbo man will ever rule Nigeria.

Responding to newsmen, who visited him in his office, the well respected President of OHANAEZE YOUTHS expressed surprise and anger that Alhaji Yerima Shettima has found it comfortable to always cast aspersions on the Igbo race without genuine reasons.

President Arthur Obiora wondered what on earth would have brought the unguided utterances from Shettima, who has no political bearing and electoral value even his North to guarantee victory at the presidential election.
According to OHANAEZE YOUTHS President, Alhaji Yerima Shettima should be made to realize the naked reality that what determines victory for a presidential election is the high population density spread of ethnic groups in the country, and only the Igbos can boast of that spread capacity in Nigeria. The Igbo tribe is the only ethnic group in Nigeria that have the greatest number of population after the indigenes in all states of the federation. This is what the ranting Shettima should know.

Again, the Igbo Youths President wanted to know who is intimidating Alhaji Yerima Shettima with Igbo presidential ambition, and why he thinks he can stop the collective aspiration of Africa's most successful race in all human endeavors.
Comrade Arthur Obiora however admonished the recalcitrant Ariwa Northern Youths President to be cautious in the expression of his interest, adding that whatever he says would always be understood as the collective feelings of the northern people.

On the claims by Shettima that the Igbos have not assisted in the provision of palliatives for indigent Nigerians, President Obiora asked if Shettima was blind and deaf to notice the open and conspicuous contributions of Igbos to the federal government at the heat of coronavirus pandemic, adding that himself as the OHANAEZE YOUTHS President provided palliative materials to the poor under the umbrella of OHANAEZE YOUTHS WING.
President Arthur Obiora concluded by assuring Shettima that he will no longer be allowed that temerity to insult the Igbos anytime his irresponsible paymasters induce him to talk brainlessly.

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