A New Dawn For Igbo Nation As OHANAEZE YOUTH President Unites All Igbo Youths.

A fresh breeze of unity is currently blowing in all Igbo Communities in the seven Igbo speaking states. This Profound unity is necessitated by the current security challenges in the region occasioned by the arrogant invasion of Igbo oiancestral lands by the marauding Criminal elements and killers known as Fulani herdsmen.

 Again, the new President General of OHANAEZE YOUTH WING, Comrade Arthur Obiora has taken as his top priority the urgent need to bring all Igbo youths together for the purpose of defending their natural home, and to set dependable developmental blueprint for the first time in Igbo nation.
The Igbo Youth Leader demonstrated this commitment, when he called for an international Press conference in Enugu, the Capital city of the Igbo race.

In the Press conference, Comrade Author Obiora stated in clear and unambiguous language the worrisome situations in Igbo States, where the indigenous communities and individuals are brazenly threatened and viciously murdered by the Fulani herdsmen at periodic intervals.
The Igbo Youth President also used the occasion to express the conspicuous anger of the Igbo youths with the provocative pronouncement from the Miyatti Allah group that they are sending their vigilante groups to all parts of the country as they claimed that the entire country belongs to the minority Fulani ethnic group.

Reacting to that senselessly unguided utterances, President Author Obiora warned the Fulani to stay away from Igbo Land, and gave them two weeks to vacate from all the forests in the entire seven Igbo speaking states of OHANAEZE.

In his efforts to foster unity in his regional domain, Comrade Obiora launched a palliative package for Igbo indigent families. This economic relief started in Enugu state with the President General of OHANAEZE NDIGBO Worldwide, Chief Nnia Nwodo blessing the exercise with his presence. Chief Nnia Nwodo expressed great happiness with the palliative initiative from the youth President, Author Obiora. Not pretending of his surprise with the good leadership disposition of the youth President, Chief Nnia Nwodo quickly put a call across to Enugu state Governor, who immediately sent an additional 100 bags of rice for the common people in the state, who were present at the occasion.
The next covid19 palliative programme of the OHANAEZE YOUTH President shall take place in Anambra state.

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