A Nigerian Of Imo State Origin Develops Vaccine To Cure Coronavirus. (A Solution You Can Bank On)

I've cure for coronavirus, says medical doctor
A Nigerian alternative medical practitioner, Rev. Dr. Vincent Louis has claimed formulating a remedy capable of curing the dreaded Coronavirus disease.
Speaking with National Newsbreak in Owerri on Thursday, Dr. Louis said his remedy has the potency to cure the four viruses in the corona family including COVID-19.
The Medical Director of Akachukwu Hospital and Maternity, Amaiza, Isu Njaba in Isu LGA of the state disclosed that his remedy was formulated from plants through potentization or radionic process.
He revealed that first outbreak of coronavirus occurred in Saudi Arabia in 2012 and spread to countries like Germany, France and Britain before disappearing in 2013.
According to the Pastor of Assemblies of God Church, Amaiza, Isu Njaba, the disease claimed the lives of about 50 percent of the people who were infected during its first outbreak.
The homeopath who has chalked up over 20 years experience regretted the frustrations he has passed through in the hands of National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) and Lagos State Government.
He said in an effort to reach them to present and prove the efficacy of his remedy, he was tossed to-and-fro without anyone listening to him.
According to him, he called the hotlines provided by the NCDC and Lagos State Government only to be directed to call more telephone lines which would ring without anyone picking them.
He said he began to wonder whether the authorities were out to politicize the COVID-19 pandemic owing to their indifferent attitude towards him.
Dr. Louis who said he also cures renal failure, prostrate and liver problems among other diseases rules out chloroquine as a curative drug for coronavirus, stressing that chloroquine only treats symptoms like fever but cannot cure COVID-19.
He expressed confidence in the efficacy of his remedy, saying;”My remedy has never failed me”.

He challenged government or any person who tests positive to COVID-19 to come forward for treatment and cure.

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