PARROT BIRDS Vs PEACOCK: Media Queens FC Plays Against Pageant Queens FC In Novelty Football Match To Mark World Cancer Day.

The Season 2 of one of the most prestigious Novelty Football Matches in Africa will be holding 22nd of February, 2020 between the "Parrot Birds" of Female Media Practitioners Football Club and the "Peacock" of Beauty Pageant Queens Football club. The novelty football match will be played to commemorate World Cancer Day in Abuja at Tobix Garden, opposite Albert  Furniture Mabushi. 

The most anticipated football match will witness lots of excitements, pleasurable honours, cheers, fun, sumptuous refreshment and a cloud of enjoyable ambience. Also the novelty engagement will also provide a opportunity for persons and interested agencies to participate in supporting cancer patients in Nigeria and across the world.

Organized by Hope And Peace for African Women and children International Foundation: the convener  of Miss NGO Nigeria Beauty pageant, the principal executive and project coordinator, Adeladun Oluwatosin has described the Novelty match between Media Queen FC and Pageant Queens FC to be one historic voluntary activity organised to raise awareness on cancer illness and ways to manage the scourge.

Some of the participating Queens who spoke with our reporters have confirmed their readiness and interest to be fully active for their teams especially in delivery victory and supports for the match and cancer awareness campaign respectively.

In some narratives describing features of both teams, the female journalist of Media Queen FC were represented with the nature and similarities they share with "Parrot Bird". Describing them as beautiful, with unique qualities in educating, informing and entertaining people about their safety and security.

On the other hand, Pageant Queens were represented with the symbol of a Peafowl for their beautiful, adorable and magnificent display of the iconic pride of womanhood. The novelty football match will witness the presence of notable Abuja based entertainers, Nollywood celebrities and influential event hosts. The event is exclusively promoted by Amity Global Network and AbujaPress.

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