Are These Govs From South East The People's Mouthpiece?

The South East Govs have proven something PRONOUNCED - they are not governors for the Igbos' collective interest and welfare. The Igbos, under the present deadly security situation in Nigeria do not need community policing under the dictates of the FG.
In the arrangement of the FG as made known to the public, the community police officers shall be made of special constables, who will carry No arms, light of heavy weapons. They would carry only Barton. This is very Laughable as these men are meant to confront Fulani herdsmen and other TERRORISTS, who are notorious for carrying sophisticated military weapons and armoury. Recall that it is the deadly nature of this Islamic bandits that brought about the paramount need for the Yorubas to opt for a regional security outfit to secure their people against the vicious aggression and attacks by the Fulani herdsmen and their expansionist ambition.

How can Igbo Govs wish to subject the Igbo race to possible total annihilation? How do these governors think they can secure Igbo nation with men, who have no weapon of any type, when they are to face Fulani herdsmen with sophisticated weapons? Do these governors plan to subject Igbo young people to an Indirect suicide mission?
Again, considering the fact that this is the period other ethnic groups in Nigeria are opting for regional security outfit, that is solely manned by men of their regions, one is at a loss to understand why the South East, the most hated and endangered humans in Nigeria should be the first to embrace the security measures of the FG, which has been rejected by other ethnic groups in Nigeria owing to its suspicious tendencies as a child of unscrupulous and deadly necessity.

What Ndigbo want is a regional security outfit and not security risk as proposed by the IGP and the FG. The South East Govs should realize what they are up to. The Igbo people will say and have what they want and not the will of only five selfish individuals, who have no future bright expectations for their people.

The acceptance of this condition given by the FG is a clear indication of the insensitivity of the Govs In the welfare, security of life and property of the people of Igbo nation. As OHANAEZE NDIGBO, the entire Igbo race reject the unpopular decision of the South East Govs in accepting the ill-intended community policing as obnoxiously proposed by the FG.
Presently, or anytime in the future, the people will hold these five Govs responsible for any harm that may eventuate from this ill-considered disposition of South East Govs on this issue.

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