How Football Star Rashidi Yekini Was Killed By His Mother And Siblings

For Rashidi Yekini, football was life. He was always generous when it came to scoring goals aplenty and giving value for money to football fans who thronged the stadiums whenever the Nigerian National team, the Super Eagles played. You could always put your money on the goals-father punishing opposing goalkeepers with his ferocious shots and the fans loved him for this.

The former Vitoria Setúbal of Portugal striker also transferred this generosity to his every day life, helping the less privileged, and this ultimately was said to have led to his untimely death at the age of 48 in Ibadan, the Oyo state capital on the 4th of May 2012. It was one death that shocked the football world.

Barrister Jubril Mohammed, his lawyer of many years tells the story.

“My client, Yekini was a very generous man. All you need do was ask and he would oblige you. Sadly, his family never liked this but he kept telling them that he had a right to help those in need”, explained the Ibadan based legal practitioner.

How about the story that made the rounds about Yekini throwing money on the streets of Ibadan before his demise? Barr Jubril was quick to dispel this as a lie from the pit of hell. Insisting that there was never a thing like that but admitted that his client was a cheerful giver.

Did Yekini suffer any form of mental disorder at anytime before his death?

Once again, Barr Jubril described the rumored madness of Yekini as a wicked tale told by those who killed him.

“Yekini was normal and was never mad. He was a man who loved to be alone because he wasn’t an extrovert.

 Never was he poorly dressed or walked on the streets of Ibadan naked. Yekini was still driving himself to training at the stadium nearly everyday and he did exchange friendly banters with everyone. How can keeping to oneself be termed madness? God will judge us all, he said with bitterness in his voice.

He wasn’t done yet as he continued with his shocking expose on how his client died.

“Let me tell you one thing that is certain, Yekini was killed by his family, led by his mother, his late immediate sister and brother just to corner his money and property”, Barr Jubril revealed.

And he continued to paint a pathetic story of how the former African Footballer of the year was killed.

“For a while, my client kept telling me that his people were after him and that i should protect him. And it is on record that I reported the threat to abduct him by his family to the former commissioner of police, Oyo state, Baba Adisa Bolanta, who invited his immediate family to his office, where he gave a standing order that his family should desist from threatening to forcefully abduct him. But the deed was done one day when they stormed his house one morning and tried to abduct him but he resisted. He was then hit with an object on his head which I suspect to be charm by the medicine men who the family brought with them and he collapsed and started bleeding from the nostrils.

 They hurriedly took him to his village same day when they realized he was dead and was buried in Ira, his village in Kwara state next day”, he explained fighting back emotions.

With Yekini dead, Barr Jubril explained that he wrote to the Commissioner of Police, Oyo state calling for investigation. I also called on the oyo state Government to make an inquest into his death, went to the Police headquarters and the state Government but nothing was done. Adding that his life was threatened by Yekini’s family but he has insisted that he is not giving up until he gets justice for a man who was a friend to him.

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