Don't Miss ! 7 legal issues arising from Maryam Sanda’s death sentence

1. Justice has actually been appropriately served on her; 

2 . She has 90 days within which to appeal decision of FCT High Court to Court of Appeal; 

3 . Merely filing Notice of her Appeal will run as automated stay of execution of the death sentence; 

4 . She has actually lost her right of the anticipation of innocence as jealously secured by the Constitution; 

5 . She would not be entitle to bail as a matter of course, unless she can reveal remarkable scenarios, possibly on premises of disease, which cannot be looked after at jail; 

6 . By ramification, the baby she had with her late hubby will be rendered total orphan; 

7. and At any time she can be pardoned by the President, if he chooses to invoke his power under the Constitution.

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