Biggest Spiritual Fray Of The Century- Pastor And Native Doctor To Raise Dead Men In A Contest

The venue is finally out! Who will win this clash of titans? It is no longer news that popular Nigerian Pastor" Odumeje ", challenged Native Doctors to a battle in which he said that he will raise the dead. According to the pastor, if any native Doctor can do the same, he will resign as a pastor. According to him, there is no power in any man made god.He promised to provide two dead bodies, he will raise one of the bodies and he will leave the remaining body for any native Doctor who thinks he can raise the body. A native Doctor who base in South South of Nigeria, Delta State to be precise, accepted the challenge and asked the pastor to pick a venue.

Finally the controversial man of God have chosen a place for the contest. According to him, the contest will hold at the stadium. Many Nigerians are eagerly awaiting to hear about the date and time. This will surely be an interesting encounter.

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