Two Southern Nigerians For The Battle Of 2023 Presidential Election

2023: Tinubu Vs Peter Obi, One Has Edge Over The Other. The Gap Is Too Wide.

The race for 2023 Presidency has begun. Politicians on a low key are already strategizing to see that their political ambition come 2023 is achieved.

The office of the president is one that is highly coveted in Nigeria. Any politician in Nigeria will like to smell it at any slightest opportunity. President Muhammadu Buhari will finish his second tenure as president in 2023.

The pendulum is likely to swing to the south. It will be between the Southwest and Southeast. In the Southwest, the APC is dominant while the PDP is popular in the Southeast. Two gentlemen are perceived to clinch the presidential ticket of their various parties. They are Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Peter Obi both of APC and PDP respectively.

This article is aimed at comparing the chances of these two distinguished Nigerians base on their pedigree, antecedents while they served their people in various capacities.

Let’s assume that the battle to occupy Aso Rock in 2023 is between two of them.

Nigeria has three pressing issues facing it today. They are economy, unemployment, and poverty. Let’s take it one after another.

Economy: The Nigerian economy today is not doing well according to experts both inside and outside Nigeria. Peter Obi is an Economist who is trained by the best of schools in the world. Columbia University, London School Of Economics, Oxford and Cambridge.

He has proved that he can manage the economy prudently when he was the governor of Anambra State. He governed the state for 8 years, and met all the obligations expected of him as a governor without borrowing money rather save 72 billion naira for the state.

Tinubu on his own proved that he can manage Lagos when OBJ denied him local government funds due to Lagos. But many people say that the money Lagos makes as a state doesn’t measure up with the infrastructure and economic development on ground.

Unemployment: Peter at many occasions proffered solution to solving high level of unemployment in Nigeria. According to him, allowing the private sector to play a major role in the economy will give a leg up to many unemployed and underemployed youths. He is a firm believer in growing the small and medium scale enterprise.

A model China is using to grow its economy and create jobs for its citizens. Am not surprised at his business acumen, because he belongs to the tribe that has the capacity to start a small business and grows it into a conglomerate.

Poverty: It is no longer news that Nigeria has over 92 million people living in extreme poverty. Base on the last vice presidential election debate, Obi made mention of practical steps Nigeria could take to lift its citizens out of poverty.

He listed quality education, and quality health care. These he believes that government should increase its budget on. These two have a multiplier effect and is a panacea for tackling poverty that is on the rise.

Another issue that will be on the mind of educated voters in 2023 is restructuring. Peter Obi sees it as a way of strengthening our states and regions economically. Tinubu once believed in it. It was a key issue his party APC campaigned with in 2015.

But upon assuming power, the president never showed interest in it. Tinubu himself doesn’t even talk about it again. He is already showing interest in 2023.

He is over zealous to succeed Buhari. For Peter Obi, he is quiet for now. He believes that his qualities and pedigree will endear him to the people, when the time comes.

If the battle is between two of them come 2023, am sure patriotic Nigerians who don’t vote base on religion, tribe or party lines will make a wise choice.

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