Spotlighting Rev. Cali Ugo Prince In Realm Of Pungent, Prophecies, Spirituality And Religious Discipline

In the realm of spirituality, prophetic abilities and religious discipline across Nigeria and in Africa, an Nnewi South Anambra State born celebrity Prophet may have become the new spotlight. Popularly known as Rev. Amb. Cali Ugo Prince, Senior Prophet for Yoke Breakers Prophetic Ministry, President/Founder Much Love Foundation, National PRO and Co-founder of Christian and Muslims Interreligious Foundation and the current National PRO of the Akwaihedi Town Union Caretaker Committee of the Anambra state government.

The world class spiritual seer, an international pungent Preacher, a mechanism of prayer and a spiritual director to so many first class citizens has remained undaunted in his display and demonstration of absolute spiritual wisdom and oversized healing grace. In his adept intellectual capacity, Rev. Amb. Cali Ugo Prince is engaged in countless initiatives that supports youth creativity, empowerment campaigns and his deliverance ministry.

As the Convener and Founder of Gospel Lifters Award(GLA), Rev. Amb. Cali, has been enable to recognise, encourage and honour Principal Agents, Men of God and Gospel Lifters across Nigeria who are devoted to ministry of spreading the gospel of Christ. The raw deliverance Minister as he is described is the Host of Night of Mercy and Miracle, a monthly program held at his Abuja Synagogue Mountain, in Dutse Abuja.

Married with four(4) kids, Rev. Cali Ugo is a preacher and a spiritual leader with the excellent covering and wisdomised strength of God. He manages a sound family and congregation of exceptional beneficiary of the grace of God upon his life. The well-travelled Prophet started his prophetic ministry in Idah Kogi state and speaks over 4 African languages fluently, which includes Igala, Hausa, Igbo and English language. 

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