By Val Igwebuike.

The present democratic dispensation in Nigeria is twenty years as at moment. Since Independence in 1960, Nigeria has never had a civil rule with this span without an unscrupulous and obnoxious political intrusion by the military.
For all reasons possible, the 1999 transition to democratic process could be seen as successful and rewarding in consideration only to the reality that the military has refused to interfere with the country's political administration despite terribly and unspoken undemocratic conducts and horrendous financial crimes by the Politicians.

At the beginning of this current democratic leadership experiment by the Nigerian federation, many states in the country embraced the development with a spirit of Sportsmanship in politics. Some did not. In the early days of the present democratic dispensation in 1999, Anambra state was immediately spotted as politically unstable and nearly ungovernable. The first Governor from 1999, Dr Mbadinuju never had it easy. It was a tough and restless gubernatorial experience for him. Why? Anambra was the first state that allowed political infiltration from the Federal level to manipulate their internal policies.
For this and many more, everything possible was done by the powers that be to ensure that governor Mbadinuju never returned to the government house in Awka.

The 2003 Governorship election in Anambra and it's aftermaths produced a period of political brouhaha and internal wranglings, which became a colossal embarrassment to the entire Igbo race. This is because Anambra state as the first son of Igbo race attracts a special underpinning to the central essence of Igbo global existence.
This catastrophic period in the political history of Anambra state ushered in plethora of nearly irreconcilable political situations that were orchestrated by some powerful individuals in connivance with the Federal influence. In the event of these politically embarrassing scenarios, Anambra was observed as a state where people could not give up for the interest of the state and the common masses.
At that time, a case could begin in a lower court to high Court and to the supreme Court, yet politicians in the state would not still be satisfied or percified. It was that horrible.

It was former governor Peter Obi, after passing through unimaginable legal skirmishes and unbearable impeachment processes that brought admirable political calmness to Anambra state. His eight years gubernatorial leadership turned the state around for better. Under his astute political administration, Anambra became the most Politically sophisticated state in the South East and the envy of many states in Nigeria. Peter Obi made an indelible political mark as it became unarguable that Anambra is the state with the best road network in the entire Nigerian federation, having good and motorable roads linking to all the local government areas in the state. It was the first of such a social engineering achievement in Nigeria since Independence.

Among other landmark achievements, Peter Obi also was able to use his overwhelming grassroots electoral value to bring in the incumbent governor in the name of Dr Willie Obiano. Peter Obi left Anambra government House with Profound integrity, without any trace to financial crimes brazenly associated with Nigerian governors of the current political era. Mr Peter Obi is seen today as the most politically clean politician in the whole Nigerian federation.

Unfortunately, the political purgation Anambra state underwent under the care of Peter Obi seems to have been polluted and desecrated again. The above claim is heavily supported by the Politically charged situation in Anambra two years to the governorship election in the state.
Again, one of the major reasons for Anambra's gubernatorial challenges is the availability of numerous qualified individuals and their tendency for stubborn and unhealthy political fray. Undoubtedly, Anambra state has the cluster of the richest(billionaires) men in Africa.  Their extreme confidence in their wealth is also backed up by visible sophistication in education. So, from all indications, they have it all.
But what they lack extremely is the pride of Patriotism. That spirit of political Sportsmanship, which considers only the poor masses of the state. It is this selfless consideration that can make one concede a defeat for the interest of the state and her people. This is what an average Anambra rich personality lacks, and this is the kind of personalities needed for Anambra's gubernatorial leadership.

Two years down the line, many personalities with intimidating profiles and super wealth are already showing passionate and desperate interest to go to the government House in Awka, Anambra state.
Among these fantastic Anambrains, who are preparing heavily to change the political paradigm, and enter the political fray come 2021 are: Dr Andy Uba, Sen Ifeanyi Uba, Godwin Ezeemo, Dr Obiora Okonkwo(PDP).
Others are Dr Godwin Maduka(PDP), Dr Chido Nwankwo, Dr Chinue Okigbo, Prof Chukwuma Soludo(APGA), Sen Uche Ekwunife(PDP), Dr George Moghalu(APC), Hon Chris Azubogu(PDP), Johnbbosco Onunkwo(APC), Stanley Ugochukwu(APGA), Nicholas Ukachukwu(APGA) and Tony Nwoye(APC).

With these big names on board, the political journey to Anambra gubernatorial contest for 2021 appears worrisome and interesting too. Two questions readily come to mind: will Anambra state maintain and retain the political landmarks of Peter Obi, who was the fulcrum for the political  and democratic quantum leap in the state; or will the extremely temeritous desperation for political power by the gubernatorial aspirants for 2021 governorship election, again attract the Federal infiltration to ravage the present democratic gains?

Comrade Val Igwebuike, President


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