By Izu Osuigwe


How come, the western press is determined to destroy the only country in Africa where things  are looking up across board?

From CNN to BBC and the rest, why the calculated campaign of calumny against Paul Kagame?
With all the positives from that country, why does the western media insist any negative in Rwanda's indices,  is enough to bring him down and plunge Rwanda into another circle of violence, chaos, anomie and desolation?

What criteria are being used to justify these visceral attacks on the only man who has shown that Africa, has  the mental, intellectual and managerial  capabilities to engage and surmount contemporary social, economic and administrative challenges?
From whatever perspectives one view their reasons for the media smears and conviction, however broadly their reasons push  to be accommodated within an  altruistic prism of good intentions, their approaches and methods must be measured objectively!

Are there other African counties with worse cases of stifling of the opposition?
Have the leaders of those countries raised their country's development index to a level worthy of comparison with that of Rwanda?
Is Paul Kagame's leadership trajectory  different from that of Lee Kwan of Singapore who was celebrated for leading his country into the first world through benevolent dictatorship?
Does the fact that Rwanda has become a nation which citizens of other African countries now utilize to hold their leaders accountable a bad thing?
Engaging the above questions would enable a better appreciation of the justification or not of the press lynching of Mr. Kagame.
Is it that the western press are frustrated by any good news from Africa?
Must the incapable African myth be maintained and sustained at all cost?
Whereof the CIA preferred an idiotic and bungling Mobutu to a cerebral Patrice Lumumba? Thereby succeeded in killing the latter and enthroning Mobutu to wreck a resource rich Congo for decades!

Where a pliant and comprador like  Campore was preferred to a proactive  Thomas Samkara who was getting ready to ask France, questions about the  billions of tribute francophone countries pay to france every year.
In current times, is it not axiomatic that  CNN and BBC are totally ignoring the near genocide taking place in Cameroon against the English speaking Ambazonia.
Ignoring the near genocide taking place in middle belt Nigeria,  herdsmen havoc in the south of Nigeria, that's decimating the economy of southern Nigeria.
Does it mean African despotic and cruel leadership earns a pass from the western media as long as that leadership keeps their people in want and abject poverty?
To be seen as being  fair, why don't this media tribunes,  first assist citizens and residents of African countries whose leaders are crushing them with povertv, joblessness,  killings etc.

Could it be true that this was the same criteria used by western media and governments to crush the nascent Biafra secession.
The only African country to install it's own refinery,  airports, repair and maintain it's fighter jets, build the bulk of it's rockets and armaments.
Yet the country came to enjoy the tag of being the only nation in the world to have both capitalism and communism as joint enemies!
Was it to deny Africa a nation to brag with,  that BBC frantically and single mindedly enabled the destruction of Biafra by Britain, Soviet Union, Saudi Arabia and Egypt!
Is Paul Kagame reaping his own bitter fruits of success today?
Are they passing a message to him and other African leaders that you are  safe from western persecution, as long as you don't attempt to uplift the country you govern in human and developmental indices.
How come seeds of success in Africa are bitter fruits of wrath to the west?

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