Dear Mr. Abba Kyari,
Asalam alaikum. I start this open letter to you in the name of our creator Allah, whom you, Buhari and all believers believe is the Malik Yaumin Deen the king of the day of judgement.

I am compelled to write this letter today with the believe that insha allah the content will be transmitted to your uncle, principal and the President of the federal republic of Nigeria by you.  It is the general believe that presently Allah and Buhari through the massive votes by the Nigerians have brought  all of you to power, have made you, Mr.Abba kyari the ear, the eye and the gatekeeper of our drear President, Muhamadu Buhari.

It is on this premise I choose to direct this  open letter  to President Buhari through you .
The urgent message  this letter wants you to convey  to mr President,  Muhamadu buhari is short and  very brief.  We all believe in the integrity of Mr. President and he has proven himself in many  ways and it is believed he can do more.

The Kogi election is coming on Saturday, the message is that you should tell Mr. President  to maintain his integrity and neutrality. We have seen him maintain same in the recently concluded Adamawa, Bauchi and Sokoto States' gubernatorial elections respectively.

From all indications, Kogi election is between the people of Kogi State and a failed state government of Yahaya Bello, who is hiding under the shadow of Mr. President to misrule, oppress the people, institutionalise excruciating poverty, establish chaotic societal social imbalance and do nonsense things to the political administration of Kogi state.

In fact, some people address him as Buhari’s son. He is brandishing the name of Mr. President all over the place to perpetrate atrocities with it, a situation that has erroneously portrayed Mr President as a man without human feelings. This should be outrightly rejected because we do not know Buhari with impunity.

In the 21 Local Goverments in Kogi State, there is no Local Government that Yahaya Bello is not harbouring thugs with sophisticated weapons awaiting this election. We know it is not Buhari’s intention for Kogi and Nigerians.

Not long ago Natatasha Akpoti, an Opposition  SDP candidate’s secretariat  was demolished,  bombed and  her driver killed in broad day light with the security agents folding arms and watched helplessly, all in the name of 'self adopted son' of Buhari. What they failed to mark is that he has no  backing of the federal government.

More devastating is the stark reality that oppositions of the Bello government are being kidnapped freely and killed and some framed up without any serious offence in the name of election that a non performing incumbent governor wants to retain power by all means neccessary and at all cost possible, even to the fatal detriment of the people of Kogi state.

Please sir, also tell Mr President to direct the service chiefs and the Nigeria police  to wake up and protect lives and properties in kogi state.

In a free democratic regime, a governor can not ban oppositions from campaigning in any part of the state, but we have seen Yahaya Bello banned PDP from campaigning in the whole senatorial district made up of five local governments and nobody  is talking. Where is the rule of law? where is the freedom of association and speech? Please, tell Mr. President that 'self adopted son’ of his in Kogi state has turned to a lion he calls himself, and he is busy devouring the same people who he is to govern.

Apart from belonging to the same political party with Mr. President, Mr Yhahaya Bello has not commissioned a single project in the state except an over inflated revenue house, yet he has stubbornly and insensitively refused to pay salary of workers in the state.

This election is a test as one of the greatest NewsPaper editors of our time, Sam Omatseye puts it, and I quote: ''if Yahaya Bello wins, it will again show how our people are a victims of the most cynical type of politics. But who to blame is the people themselves’’.
Sir, please no time is too late to correct what is wrong and going awry, because on the day of judgment Kings, Leaders and Presidents will stand to give account of their actions and inactions.

I wish to end this open letter with Holy Quran verse: 'On the day of judgment, God the exalted will fold up the Heavens in His right Hand and will take the Universe in his other Hand, then He will say: I am the sovereign,  I am the Judge, where are the tyrants?, Where are those who are the arrogant? Quran 11:379'

Thank You, Sir.

Citizen Sani Baba
Lokoja, Kogi State.

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