AFRICA UNITED!!! Abuja To Host Anti- African Xenophobia Concert With Papy Souve, Congo JBC Musical Band, Queen Julietta, Lil Milk, Others

In view of the ongoing xenophobia developments in South Africa and its recent attack on citizens of Africa's Giant, reknowned entertainers have decided to raise a campaign of peace with the forthcoming "Anti-African Xenophobic Concert", holding at Nicon Luxury Hotel on the 1st of November 2019.

The Concert which is themed "We Are One United Africa, Say No to Xenophobia", is a high powered event, supported and organised by Papy Souve and the JBC Musical Live Band of Congo Kinshasha with Nicon Luxury Hotel and UNESCO to raise an awareness on the disturbing development in South Africa and its environs.

Some of the performing Artist at the concert are the Papy Souve, JBC Musical Live Band of Congo Kinshasha, Nigeria's famous Afro-rated star "Queen Julietta", Lil Milk, King Stan, MC No Time and other performing Arts which will be performing live to thrill guests in the spirit of oneness and the anti-Africa xenophobia tension.

According to the organisers of Anti-African Xenophobia Concert, he noted the idea of the concert was to spread the message of unity and peace across nations in Africa that may be prone to other xenophobic related crisis so as to prevent any spill.

The November 1st Anti-African Xenophobia Concert will commence at 5:00pm, as Abuja, Nigeria and invitees from across Africa will be present to witness the prospective campaign of the concert. However, speaking to Abuja residents in anticipation of the concert, they narrated their interest and upheld the timely importance of the concert, especially with its significant intentions for positive change and a paradigm shift.

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