Tacha And The Hypocrisy Of Nigerians.

 By Val Igwebuike.

Majority of Nigerians are utterly hypocritical, misguided, easily distracted, confused, cheaply mislead and totally thinkless beings.
I have never seen a people who listen and hacken to the voice of their oppressors as Nigerians. It is beyond sad that most pronounced narratives in Nigeria have often emanated from the tables of political office holders, whose primary intention must be to distract the ever docile Nigerian public from profitable economic and financial purposes.

Pitiable is the situation, where Nigerians are yet to come to terms with the reality that anytime the political leaders begin to criticize and lament on any visible engagement of the youths on a particular economic venture, they are really expressing profound apprehension on the possible success and profitability of the exercise to the youths, no matter what it may be.
The greatest problem of Nigeria is simply the fact that majority of Nigerians are not deep. This is the reason for the irredeemable socioeconomic backwardness in the country.

The recent eviction of Tacha from the Reality TV show, Big Brother Naija, has exposed the funny characters and hypothetical human creatures dwelling in a ridiculous country known as Nigeria. The loud noise and oceanic emotions this particular eviction generated in Nigeria was astonishing.
How a girl, whose activities in the house was perceived as immoral by the attenuated Nigerians, attracted such a huge and multidimensional sympathy remains incongruous to decent reasoning. But, that is Nigerians for you. The millions of posts, comments, reply and reactions coming from issues concerning Tacha, shows that the hypocritical Nigerians while joining the crowd of hypocrites in criticising Tacha were at same time watching and enjoying the titillating activities of this beautifully made miss Tacha.

Today, it is obvious that Tacha is now a Super Celebrity. It is also obvious that Tacha became this super celebrity not by her seemingly odorous displays in the house, but by the hypothetical disposition of the ever gossiping Nigerians.
As a deep thinker and writer; as a public affairs analyst, and as a thorough master of the Nigerian sociopolitical issues, I have a different understanding of the remote cause of the unwarranted and misguided reason for the sudden and unfounded hatespeech and public outrage against this year's BBNaija.
As previously stated in this article, most public disorganising narratives in Nigeria are usually generated by the political office holders to divert attention and distract the zombie masses. As many discerning Nigerians are aware, there is hardly any talent hunt television programme showing on our screens again in the country.
Before now, there were many Reality TV shows in Nigeria, engaging the Nigerian young people productively. So many music stars and today's celebrities were made from such TV Reality shows. WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE, GULDER ULTIMATE SEARCH, GLO TALENT HUNT AND MUSIC STARS, and so many others, were contents that excited the Nigerian societies and created income benefits for Nigerian young participants.
All these television contents were sponsored by corporate Organisations in Nigeria that were ever ready to demonstrate their corporate social responsibility to the society in which they do business and earn patronage from the people.

Today, the story is different and sorrowful. All these beautiful, entertaining and exciting television contents that reward the youths for entertaining the people with their rear talents and abilities are no on our TV screens.
The corporate Organisations that were sponsoring all the programmes with the money they generated from Nigerians are no longer interested to sponsor any content to engage the youths. In other countries of the world, where things go normal, it is the statutory responsibility of the government to ensure that every company doing business in the country has one or two corporate social project for the people. In Europe, America, Asia and some other organized African countries, corporate bodies present list of programs or projects they should sponsor as their corporate social responsibility to the government. In Nigeria, the reverse is the case. Our government is not interested. Foreign companies come here to use Nigerians as slaves, deny them salaries and sack them at the end without benefits.
These are the same Nigerians, who will go all out to speak and protest against any project or programme that will benefit any member of the country once they are manipulated by the political class.

The noise about Tacha and her fame is prompted by the fear of some political office holders that the BBNaija is making unprecedented progress and attracting the loving attention of young Nigerians. This is a situation the ruling class in Nigeria does not want. Again, and most seriously too, these particular class of Nigerians are more furious and apprehensive, when the consider the fact that BBNAIJA has become another content with the capacity to make Nigerians super rich.
Some times ago, I read a piece written by one apprehensive Nigerian, who was doing everything possible to destroy the project, BBNaija. The height of his shock from that article was the fact that the organisers of BBNaija was walking away with a whopping sum of 5.7 billion Naira. From his shock on the mass acceptability of the TV show by Nigerians, about 137 million texts were made by Nigerians at #30 each to support inmates contesting for the 25 million naira and SUV trophy in BBNaija. That writer was flabbergasted that Nigerian youths could give such an astounding support and encouragement to BBNaija.

This was when the idea to kill the content, BBNaija through public incitement was hatched. And some Nigerians followed sheepishly without asking critically needed questions:
Why wouldn't young Nigerians go for the BBNaija, when is no other Reality TV shows on our screens?
Why are the corporate Organisations in Nigeria no longer sponsoring Reality TV shows and talent hunt shows as their corporate social responsibility?
Why is the Nigeria government not demanding for a periodic list of projects and sponsorship programmes carried out by corporate Organisations making money from their businesses in Nigeria?
Why have all the previous programmes engaging young Nigerians in the past suddenly stopped, and without the concern of those in authority?
Why are gambling businesses as betting sports not criticized by political office holders as they are doing to BBNaija?

Undisclosed sources have claimed that soprt betting businesses in Nigeria make trillions of Naira on yearly basis. Why is this particular destructive business enjoying the taciturn support of the government.
To every reasonable and patriotic Nigerian, this is the most worrisome phenomenon in the present Nigeria. Nearly 70% of Nigerian youths are dangerously addicted to sport betting. In this social anomaly, a youth is chronically made to believe he could win up to #27 million naira with a paltry amount of #100. Many are living and hoping and chasing the mirage of becoming a millionaire through using #100 to bet to win #27 million. Hoping on hopelessness.
Alas, this is the type of engagement the political class in Nigeria, who wish to use the youths as political thugs would wish our youths to focus on. They don't want them to engage in any venture that has the capacity to grant them financial independence from personal efforts applauded by fellow citizens.

Certainly, the myriad of emotions that greeted the eviction of the socially luminous Tacha of BBNaija, is a clear indication that millions of Nigerians, including the political class are watching the biggest money-spinner Reality TV content in Nigeria.
The reason for watching can only be explained by the viewer. There is also a definitive assertion that while some are happy for the financial returns of the content to the organisers, some notable Nigerians, most of whom became stinkingly rich from their fraudulent political administration of Nigerian affairs, are afraid that the super inputs of Tacha in the house has made the BBNaija Organisers Billionaires overnight.

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