I won't say I'm angry 
because I'm broken,
I won't say I'm worried 
because I'm broken,
I am so broken because 
many lie in abject fear
because a future leader is slaughtered,
without a single hair been spared. 
I'm broken because 
families are bereaved, 
I'm broken because 
you hate me and I know it 
that is why you kill me, 
are you thinking my death will be your freedom?

I am so broken because
you feed your mind with lies and fill your soul with blood,
blood of my brothers and sisters,
People who are your brothers and sisters too. 

Does death pay you? 
if your actions make you immortal, 
then I stand corrected.
Maybe I might kill your sibling
to live forever,
but the sad truth is;
you will die too
Maybe not today, maybe by your own sword,
Or maybe by my sister's sword as a pay back for killing my cousin.

You know;
growing up I learnt that racism was the enemy,
now we are our own enemies. 
Does it make sense to you? 
So what will the whites say? 
because we are still slaves to HATE 
and enemies to LOVE. 

I won't say you should stop killing eachother 
What difference will it make? 
but at least get a good ransom
which should be immortality.
The kind of imortality that is contagious 
so that your colleagues can contact it too. 

I won't say I am angry 
because I'm broken 
I won't say it's your fault because we are all broken.
We are all broken because we slam the door on genuine love. 
Love which is the only key to genuine happiness, peace and freedom. 
I won't say I hate you 
because your name is xenophobia.
The fear of strangers is not your solution,  
All we need is Love, Peace and Unity.

by Sarah Obongha

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