What suddenly changed in Nnamdi Kanu? What became of his famed or infamous vitriolic, his incessant cursing, badmouthing, acidic vituperation against practically all and sundry?

Why the 360° turn from the virus that poured out of his mouth against the peoples of Nigeria? Everyone, every group, segment, sector, including the religious and the not so religious, saints and sinners, all got a dosage from Kanu's non stop running mouth. Then and all of a sudden, quiet!

Before you guess yourselves into more confusion, let me offer a theory.
The level of stupor, timidity and idiocy the average Nigerian fell to was such that all the diplomatesé, Oxbridge and Harvard grammar and our African humility could not move even an inch. Nigerians needed a shock therapy. The rudest of all awakening.

There was nothing Kanu said an average Nigerian did not have an idea of and sometimes they even knew much more than Kanu knew and said. But like conquered cowards, scared dogs forced to scamper away with their tails tucked in between their hind legs, everyone held what he knew to himself and at best said so in whispers and looking behind the shoulders. Then Kanu happened.
With a mouth running like non stop 'otorororo' of the stomach, he went on the attack.

It was only such a tactics that could pierce the multiple layers of shells Nigerians had covered themselves with so that nothing no longer penetrated. At best words sailed through and washed off like rain water on a smooth stone.

Kanu's caustic mouth, like all acids corroded the shells and the words for the first time in a very long while penetrated and life flowed back into dead brains. Courage surged back in Nigerian's minds and hearts and the rest as they say became the present History we are a witness to unfolding in our very before.
What could account for this then?

In Igbo cosmic science, wisdom has two forms - cosmic (abia) and ordinary (ofeke knowledge). One not visited with cosmic wisdom can profess at the highest level of philosophy yet very common things elude him or her and so you can have professors, analysts, intellectuals and elites who are 'neither nor' while having babes who can discern the hidden. That seem to be the Kanu phenomena.

And so endowed with cosmic wisdom, he roused sleeping Nigerians snoring atop life threatening danger.

That done and dusted and while others have taken the belated path of cursing, funny enough, Kanu, the man has moved on to higher planes.

Even if he eventually pays the supreme sacrifice as he may eventually because of the world system skewed against TRUTH, Kanu has done his duty and what remains is for the millions across Nigeria now hopefully awake to the present danger to do the needful as beings under threat are won't to. But then something tells me that Nigerians may no longer be considered human beings.

Oluchi Ibe

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