Chinwe Chubuike Foundation Intervenes As 500 Persons Benefit Malaria Treatment/ Education Project In Abia State

Over 41LGAs and approximately 500Abia state indigenes have benefitted from the medical intervention outreach of Chinwe Chibuike Foundation, a leading non governmental organization that visited Umuahia community of Abia state in June 28th 2019 to deliver free malaria treatment, which involved medical tests, free malaria medicines for patients, as well as medicare education on the causes and symptoms of the deadly malaria parasite.

During the outreach carried out across the 41Local Government Areas in Umuahia, Abia State, Specialists and Lab-Scientists examined and attended to quite an impressive number of people in the community, as the malaria parasite may have become worisome in communities across the state. According to the Founder/President, Gloria Chibuike, who also doubles as a Nurse and an Enterpreneur, she told our corresspondent that amongst envisioned objectives of Chinwe Chibuike Foundation is to sustain the fight against malaria, which is the world's most deadliest disease and apparently the most common disease challenging the Nigeria and African communities. 

The internationally recognised NGO has remained focused in delivering free medical education and healthcare services since its establishment. It has maintain its impact engagements and envisions the continued support in improving the healthcare sector through the provision of standard healthcare facilities and educational campaigns for Nigerians and across Africa.

The President and founder, Mrs. Gloria C. Chibuike is a passionate Philanthropist, who has engaged several charity projects and programs to improve humanity, through consultancy, medical aids, treatment and awareness programs. With a well founded experience in the humanitarian intervention sector, Gloria Chibuike became a Volunteer, working with NGOs to liberate and support people, so they do not suffer the same challenges she went through after losing her father to an ailment, in her infant years.

After working as a Volunteer, she founded CCF in June 23rd 2018, which is over a year now and since then she has continue to exploit her strength and capacity, ensuring that she collaborates with international agencies and government institutions to provide a wide range of healthcare intervention programs that cut across eyes clinical services, malaria orientation programs and other medical services that are lacking in rural communities. 

The young and vibrant Humanitarian is a United Nation Delegate, a Professional Nurse, an Enterprenuer and a BSc holder in Plant and Biotechnology. She also believes in her dream of using her educational knowledge to support and protect the ecosystem, thereby making the entire world a better place. Ms Gloria Chibuike is an agent of change, a selfless intellectual and one amongst the few young Nigerians across the world who is devoted and commited to the emancipation of people from hardship, sufferings and a life of regret. She believes in helping people achieve their dreams through living healthy lives, she says, "health is wealth."

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