The Rebuild Imo Administration of Hon. Emeka Ihedioha is presently  taking committed measures that will enhance the revenue base of the state through agriculture. This was made known by the Senior Special Assistant to the governor on agriculture, Mr Uche Odozor.

In a Press conference organized by the ministry of culture through the office of the SSA on agriculture, Uche Odozor announced the readiness of the Rebuild Imo government to tackle unemployment and poverty in the state by adopting a revolutionary and aggressive intelligent approach on agrobusiness.

To achieve this, the SSA on agriculture revealed the plans of the government to identify the agro-workforce of the state through collection of data of Imolites in the rural areas. The SSA said the data collection would be carried out in all the 27 local government areas of the state, where known farmers dwell. He further explained that the essence of the data is to determine how many farmers in state are ready to engage in serious agrobusiness that can produce grains and cassava for commercial export purposes.

Uche Odozor also told the press that the Imo State government has decided to run an inclusive agricultural engagement of all citizens to ensure adequate supply of food for all Imolites. He added that efforts are at top gear to encourage all citizens to plant Palm trees in all available spaces to attract foreign exchange income earnings from  agriculture.

Responding to journalists during the Press conference, Uche Odozor expressed confidence in the administration of Hon Emeka Ihedioha to revamp the economic potency of ADAPALM to it's full capacity.
He decried the unwillingness of past governments to harness the economic benefits of ADAPALM in the aggregate socioeconomic prosperity of the state.
SSA assured Imolites of better days ahead as the Rebuild Imo government is assembling all strengths required to return ADAPALM to its optimum  capacity in productivity.

On the decimated Avutu Poutry, SSA Uche Odozor reiterated the undaunted commitment of the governor to see that Avutu Poutery is revitalised to full utilisation capacity. Uche Odozor expressed sadness that previous governments could not utilize the economic potential of Avutu Pottery in the creation of maximum employment opportunities and wealth management in the state. He revealed that at inception in the 1980s, Avutu Puotery was producing about 4 million birds on a daily basis, adding that the original intention of Mbakwe's administration was not only to produce enough meat for Imolites but also to have quantum chicken and eggs for export to international markets.

SSA added that serious work is ongoing at Avutu to ensure astounding turnaround for good. He reiterated the profound zeal of the governor to bring Avutu Poutery to its past glory, a situation that will create huge employment opportunities for young Imolites as Avutu Pottery and ADAPALM has the capacity to accommodate more than ten thousand workforce and enhance productivity.

Uche Odozor concluded that the highpoint of the Press conference is to prepare the minds of Imolites for agricultural revolution that will be all inclusive and encompassing.
He said that forms are available for all farmers and individuals, who intend to go into agriculture for commercial purposes to collect, fill and return to the government for total inclusiveness.

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