Unmasking The Revolutionary Impact Of African Nigeria Humanitarian, Sara Abdul Ropshik [photos]

African-Nigerian Humanitarian and Philanthropist, Amb. Sara Abdul Ropshik is a rare gem in the African Continent, that has continued to explore her internal resources and determination to overcome conditions and limitations on projects and Initiatives, especially when her mind is made up.

With a Bachelors' Degree in Sociology, and Diploma in Private Investigations, though currently studying Business Management, Sara Ropshik has maintained a landmark progression through imaginable achievements, with selflessness, intelligence and devotion to humanity as it where. She is the CEO of Shamies Unusual Concepts.

In her exposition to charity works and outreaches to improve humanity across Africa, Sara Abdul, popularly referred to as "Abdulshally", founded Shamies Unusual Heart Foundation to help underprivileged persons, especially prisoners, widows, physically challenged persons and girl-children in Nigeria.

With her digital approach, through the use of social media platforms, Shamies Unusual Heart Charity Foundation has impacted more efficiently on a vast geographic specification of the African Continent.

Thhrough skill acquisition programs, trainings, visits and reach-outs to IDP camps, scholarship to displaced persons in the society, distribution of food stuffs and other relief materials in communities where it is most needed, Shamies Unusual Foundation have been able to leave indelible significance in human lives across Nigeria and Africa.

However, with her partnership with Pad-Up Africa, Sara Abdul has been able to make more sustainable impacts through her awareness and sensitization projects on girl-children, through educating and informing them on the basic issues that affects their general hygiene and sensitive vulnerabilities.

With her focus on innovations, impacts, inspiration and empowerment, Sara Abdul has been able to achieve a lot  as one of the youngest and mist promising female humanitarian in recent times.

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