The Man In Aso Rock Not Buhari, But A Sudanese, Who was taught Buhari's Mannerisms - Atiku

 Buhari is not a Nigerian too, he is from Sudan, the man in Aso-rock is not the Buhari we know – Atiku replies Presidency
By Newsberg - April 13, 20190

Atiku has alleged that President Muhammadu Buhari is not a Nigerian but from Sudan.

He alleged that the Nigerian government hired a look-alike to stand in for the President.

Addressing his followers at his residence, Atiku claimed that the current person ruling Nigeria was made to undergo “plastic surgery” and taught the mannerism of Buhari

He also disclosed that he would be appearing in court for his upcoming hearing.

“The man you are looking at on the television is not Buhari, he is from Sudan. After extensive plastic surgery they brought him back.

“The person was taught Buhari’s mannerisms and he came back deceiving all of you. I can stand and prove who I am but Buhari cannot do the same thing. He cannot deceive Atiku and Nigerians.

“The worst mistake Buhari ever made was to say am not a Nigerian. I will break the Nigeria into pieces if my mandate is not given. I am taking my followers to Abuja on the next court hearing for my court case..

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  1. Game set and match. The gauntlet has been thrown down. Those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. God help us all. God bless The Federal Republic of Nigeria.

  2. Breeze don blow, fowl nyash don open. For how long did dey think dey kuld hide dis secret?

  3. We will be alive to know the truth as it unfolds. God save us from our enemies.

  4. Christopher which Federal Republic of Nigeria. Is this country a republic we should stop deceiving our selves in this country. This country is a shame