Set a Leading Edge Agenda, FBI Oyefeso Task Economic Transition Committee Of Ogun State.

The youngest Candidate in the March Governorship election in Ogun State, Mr. Oyefeso Flexbaniel Blessing Ismail urged  members of the 23 man economic transition committee to set a Leading Edge Agenda that will ushered Ogun State into a vigorous economic opportunity for all.  Mr. Oyefeso expressed satisfaction in Dapo Abiodun carefully selected Economic Transition Committee tasked to articulate all the campaign promises for effective implementation by the new administration.

Leading Edge Agenda is The only Alternative for a renewed Economic Prosperity Of Ogun State. We must identify our advantages and develop a long term marshal plan to actualize the potentials of our competitive superiority. It's time to set in motion the will of our founding fathers "the Leading Edge Agenda" for a fully industrialized Ogun State as the preferred and emerging commercial hub of Nigeria. 

In achieving that, we must first identify and view our human and natural resources as the catalyst for development, after which we must make appropriate and painstaking plans to intensify investment in our human capital as well as to chart a new module for the development of our natural resources to our advantage. We have the most educated labor force in Nigeria and the highest educational known-how, our youths are resourceful and about 71.3% of our population are below 40 years of age. 

Competitiveness is the Key word to WatchOut for when articulating economic prosperity for the people, we must appreciate our competitive advantages and plan to drive in investment in that direction. 

And on the capacity of the members of the work group to support the committee, mr. Oyefeso attest to the fact that the workgroup comprises of capable youths the people can bank on and also urge the people of the state to support them in every ramification. 

And also, I have no doubt about the capacity of the 23 man Committee because they are men and women of great achievements and mentors I admire as a person. My part is to suport them in any Posible ways as a stakeholders of our great state. 

We have a great task ahead of us, thus, we can not afford to fail the people whose hope is vested on us, there is so much demand on The Governor Elect, the task is enormous and I am confident the incoming Government will perform excellently. In due time, I will present the formidable model I have develop to assist the government in the area of international cooperation and partnership for a fully industrialized Ogun State. 

Mr. Oyefeso, 34 years old contested under the platform of JMPP and he was one of the few Governorship candidates that declare support for The APC Governorship Candidate Prince Dapo Abiodun and was received by APC in Odoogbolu, Ogun state. He's the Executive Director  Of Nigeria Youths in Politics, Cordinator Of Coalition Of Young Candidate in Ogun State and the MD/CEO of Exposure Multimedia Consult Limited.

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