First African True And Celebrated Millionaire, Sir Louis Odumegwu Ojukwu (1908– September 1966)

Sir Louis Odumegwu Ojukwu  (1908– September 1966)

He   was a Nigerian business tycoon from the Ojukwu family of Nwakanwa quarters obiuno umudim Nnewi .

Sir Louis, who was considered the wealthiest person in Nigeria at the time, was Nigeria's first recorded Millionare and was the founder of Ojukwu Transport, Ojukwu Stores and Ojukwu Textiles.

 At his peak, he was the first and founding President of The Nigerian Stock Exchange as well as President of The African Continental Bank. He was also either Chairman or on the board of directors of some of Nigeria's most profitable companies such as Shell Oil Nigeria Limited, Guinness Nig. Ltd, Nigerian National Shipping Lines, Nigerian Cement Factory, Nigerian Coal Corporation, Costain West Africa Ltd, John Holt, Nigerian Marketing Board amongst others.

 He won a parliamentary seat during the nation's first republic. He attended a primary school in Asaba and the Hope Waddell Institute.

Ojukwu started his professional career at the
Agricultural department before leaving to join
John Holt as a tyre sales clerk. He also incorporated a textile company in Onitsha to supplement his income during this period, already exhibiting a little bit of his entrepreneurial spirit.

he was usually the first to inspect his transport vehicles for oil and leakages. Apart from his work ethic, his success was also oiled by the economic boom after World War II , working with the West African Railway Company and the newly inaugurated produce boards, he provided his fleet for commodity transportation and for other traders use. As a transporter he had his own transport company (Ojukwu Transport Limited)which was the first major transport company to move the easterners to Lagos from the Asaba end of the Niger river after they might have crossed over from Onitsha on a boat.

He was:

1)The first President of the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

2) President, African Continental Bank

3) Chairman, Nigerian cement company (NIGERCEM).

4) CEO, Ojukwu Transport company.

5) Chairman, Nigerian National Shipping Line.

6) Chairman, Lion Of Africa Insurance Company.

7) Chairman, BISCO Nigeria Limited.

8) Chairman, Nigerian Industrial Development Bank.

9) Vice President, Lagos Chamber Of Commerce.

10) Chairman, Palmline Shipping company.

11) Chairman, Nigerian Produce Marketing Board.

12) Chairman, Eastern Nigerian Development Corporation.

13) Chairman, Costain West Africa.

14) Director, Shell D’Arcy Petroleum.

15) Director, Thomas Wyatt & Sons.

16) Director, Nigerian Coal corporation.

17) Director, Guiness Nigeria Limited.

18) Director, Nigerian Tobacco Company.

19) Director, Daily Times of Nigeria

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