The Real Fact About Gov. EL Rufai Fatal Accident Rumour.

By Peter Agba Kalu

The truth is that Gov. EL-Rufia was  involved in a fatal accident last Wednesday, while coming back from Kano to Kaduna after the governors meetings. Though his office try to deny it, they even rushed to make a post on his Facebook account, releases an audio tape in Hausa language said to be his voice, which was later punctured. When the news started spreading like a wild fire, the rushed to Channel TV to relay an old video of the governor's visit to the Kaduna killings last February, and made it to look like he was on another visit to the victims of the fresh attack.

But, unconfirmed Information at my disposal revealed  that the governor is in a critical condition while his driver was confirmed dead.

I am made to understand that the Kaduna State governor is currently in Dubai for spinal treatment. It's important to note that this report is yet to be officially verified.

But the facts that is helping to lay credence to this story is the fact that we are yet to hear or see the governor in public since Wednesday last week.

There are ethnic cleansing presently ongoing in the Southern Kaduna presently, so many national and other socio-political issues too. But, unlike the EL-Rufai we know that does not like to keep quite, nothing has been heard from him. Even the upcoming Rerun coming up at Kano this Saturday, the Kaduna State governor is supposed to be one of the topmost APC northern leaders that will lead the campaign, but he has not been seen in the public space for about a week now.

This is just an attempt to report the facts as made available to me, not an attempt in anyway to celebrate his accident or wish him bad.
Wherever the Kaduna State governor is and what state he is, I wish him quick recovery.

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