The Oracle Has Spoken: Realities About Lagos TradeFair, The Igbos And The Yorubas

Let's face the reality;

Before the Lagos tradefair was built, there was an agreement between the Government and Igbos that the land which was mainly swampy will be leased to us for a period of 99 years.

Its not even up to 20 years and Tinubu and his gangs are locking down our shops?

Apparently, he wants to take over the property by force?

Well, Igbos need not to panic because, we have our C-of-O. If Tinubu feels that he can ignore a gentleman agreement reached and signed in good faith before Igbos took over a swampy and abandoned area and transformed it into an international market to the envy of the Yoruba people and of course, some anti-Igbo across Nigeria, let him try and see.

What our people across Nigeria both the ones in Diaspora should understand is that, this is not just a challenge to the business men and women in the Trade-Fair but to the entire Igbo race. We must resist them at all cost.

If Tinubu and his gang are so desperate to have the Trade-Fair, they should renegotiate with us and acquire it at our own terms or wait for 99 years before they can legally claim the property. There is no 2 ways about it.

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