From the way Owelle Rochas Okorocha went about carting  funds from the Imo State financial system with unprecedented impunity,  it's presumptive that in his permutations, he never factored in a situation where an  unallied  third party would have powers of oversight and auditing of his governance.
We were made to understand,how he had planned for an uninterrupted control of the state, starting from his son in law, to his own son taking over the state in 8 years time. Assuring a generational protection and coverage of his brigandage and rapacity.
But man propose whilst God disposes.
We must pause to give a rare praise and thanks to  President Mohammadu Buhari, for not giving Rochas the support he craved to subjugate Imo State.
The battle has been won and lost.
But the thick fog of mistrust of government by  the entire citizenry of the state hangs like the Sword Of Damocles on the incoming administration of Hon.Emeka Ihedioha.
He must never resort to  blame games, but he must investigate, sanction and punish.
The serial system wide  rot must be exposed in it's entirety.
Elections have consequences, and the Imo indigenes are eager to learn how an ordered, civil service state could descend into such anarchic, bacchanial chaos of looting and family kleptocracy.
Where pensioners were denied their recompense.
Workers not paid.
Government land converted to private use.
Private lands with genuine titles,revoked and awarded to the first  family.
Contracts awarded without documentation.
Ancient traditional markets forcibly taken over for private malls.
The appropriate analogy to the anomic  descent of Imo political and socio-economic  environment  would be the Mike Ejeagha story of Udenze, who embarked on a journey and enjoined his kinsmen not to send for him, unless strange things, which have never happened before, starts to happen in their town.
And, they only sent for him when strange occurrences like the below occurred. :
1, A man getting pregnant
2, Palm fruit bunch sprouting on the palm frond.
3, Yam tendrils growing from the bottom part of the yam.

Nde Imo saw the equivalent of the above and more.
Therefore any new administration,  glossing over the previous evils could be accused of collusion, being settled or intending to repeat same or worse evils.
Lessons ought to be taught and learnt.
There should be convictions
There should be revocations.
There should be reparations.
There should be acted upon white papers.
Only then, would renewed trust be reestablished between the governed and the governor.
We expect nothing less than 5 judicial panels with unfettered powers of sanctions to be empanneled, to investigate the bailout funds confiscation,  theft of government land and property, take over of private lands, award and non implementation of contracts, among others.
It appears to be a tall order,  but such are necessary to reignite citizenry trust and confidence on their leaders.
By Barr. Izu Osuigwe
The Convener,  Grassroots Solidarity Movement. (GSM)

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