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Our topic today is coming from our inbox request.. Some of our brothers here Akuziera about this very topic but i will like to adjust it and add more clarity on it.

So Tonight we are going to talk about "AGWU" Part 1

1. What is Agwu?
2. What is Ịru Agwu?
3. What are steps to Iru Agwụ?
4. Is Ritual Involved?
5. Can a person do it by himself or must it be a Dibia that will do it?

In traditional Igbo anyị kwenyere in the existence of Agwu.
Agwu is believed to be a type of spirit that manifests itself in an individual who is possessed.
There are Certain characters, abnormalities and some behaviors that take place in the life of a person which attributed to Agwu.

For instance, one who is fond of not knowing how he or she uses his or her money or one who gets brain-fag without any observable cause, are attributed to Agwu.

When such a thing is noticed constantly in one’s behavior, a way for normalcy is sought. Some inquiries are made; rituals and other ceremonies are performed.
Those rituals are observed in the shrine of Agwu.

AGWỤ comes to people in different ways. Sometimes, it comes through liquidation in one’s business,  or any other dimension. It is believed that a person who is so possessed can be holding a key in his hand and be searching for it in his room.
Agwu is believed to be a spirit of giddiness, rascality, confusion and forgetfulness, among others.
It brings worries to an individual, in other words, it causes a person an emotional trauma and generally psychological disorder.

Any person who is possessed by the spirit of Agwu does not make any progress in business unless the spirit is appeased.

Again, based on the understanding that Agwu is the spirit of rascality and confusion and so on, some contemporary Igbo have argued in favour of the fact that Agwu can be likened to the spirit of Demon, since the spirit of Demon is similar to that of Agwu; while for some, it is the spirit of God because the spirit of God is, among other things, benevolent, and Agwu is in a way benevolent. These varieties of arguments have led to misunderstanding and misrepresentation of Agwu among the Igbo People.

It is also believed that between God and human beings, there are other beings that populate the universe. These are the spirits.
There are many types of spirits. God is their creator first as he is the creator of all human beings. The spirits have a status between God and man, and are not identical with either and some of them may be used to do certain things.
It is one of God’s creatures that he uses to do certain things.
Like other deities/forces, Agwu may defy any definition (or source). It borders on the mysterious. Whether from the point of view of its connotation or denotation, the problem remains the same.Agwu is an influential force that animates victims for special duties, especially in medical knowledge and divination.

Agwu is the god of medicine and divination. He is worshipped by every person during a person’s Iru Agwu ceremony particularly males, if they are to behave well and have common sense. To him is assigned the responsibility of men who act as if they have no common sense.

AGWU is a Spirit which has the power over the behavior of an individual. And it means that Agwu has the power of influencing human behavior in which case the solution is ỊRỤ AGWỤ.

To be Continued.....wait for Part 2



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