Many Questions On Festus Keyamo....


Sir, I think you should tell the world what you are scared of before we take your petition serious.

If as a lawyer you don't know when to issue statements that are capable of making you look like a suspect, then I think this little piece will help you.

1. You told Nigerians that PDP is parading a fake result obtained from INEC server. What figure of speech is this, sir?

Are you telling Nigerians that INEC prepared a fake result to declare PDP winner of the Presidential election? Or how come did INEC have those figures on their server that PDP is parading?

From your petition, INEC had been indicted for having a fake result on their server.

2. You are calling on the security agencies to arrest Atiku and PDP. Sir, when you make reference to PDP, you are talking about 11million Nigerians who voted for PDP, and amongst them, over 5million are PDP members. So you want the security agencies to arrest 5million Nigerians demanding for their mandate? Hope you have enough cell to keep them.

In the same vein sir, how come you are the one complaining instead of INEC whose server was hacked according to you? Are you now the INEC chairman?

As a lawyer, can you stand in court to tender evidence that PDP hacked INEC server? I now see why you lose more criminal/fraud cases in court with the EFCC. Am not a lawyer, but such allegations won't hold waters in the court of law.

3. Sir, if what the PDP is parading is fake results, why not wait for the court to deliberate on that? Or why not wait for INEC to tender their original results from the same server? Or are you a member of the election tribunal?

4. Sir, you also pray that the security agencies should arrest the INEC staff that compromised with the PDP. Are you saying the PDP gained access to the server through the help of INEC staff?
Meaning you agreed that the results with the PDP are the authentic results, hence you are astonished how they got it?

You forgot that in as much the likes of Yakubu, the INEC chairman and many others are loyal to your party, there are many others who are also loyal to the PDP.

Yes you are right sir, an insider must have exposed the entire fraud that took place during the Presidential election.

5. Finally sir, are you aware that any move by the security agencies to arrest Atiku would not go down well with our national security?

I know you don't know this because you are not a security expert.

Yours is to pick your pen and write petition without considering the aftermath.

Allow the Judiciary to do their work and stop shaking as if you committed murder.

Even if Atiku will lose in court, we just want him and PDP to excercise their democratic rights.

As a lawyer, you should know by now that you have to put everything in place to obtain evidence to back a case before a competent court.

If the PDP went extra miles to do so, it is expected of you to do more to prepare your defense and stop this noise, sir.

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