Lavish Lifestyle: Which Chris Are they Talking About?

Last week, the social media was awash with pictures lifted from Christopher Brambaifa's Facebook wall. Those  who launched a vile attack against the businessman claimed he has become rich from his father's position at NDDC. The trouble is that his father was appointed into that office 39 days ago and Chris has been a successful businessman since 2012. In Port Harcourt business circles, he is well known as a key player in construction, industrial cleaning and logistics. As the son of a professor, Chris would have chosen the easy life but he decided to till his own ground and make his own money. And he has made a success of it.
Today, he counts among those youths the Niger Delta see as their role model. Of course those who succeed in business live the life of success. It is this life that inspires the younger ones to aspire. It shows that hard work pays. Chris' innocent posts on his Facebook wall is now being used as malevolent missiles by those who want to undermine his father. They fear that the old man's success in NDDC is catching the attention of the people at the centre. Rather than focus on the Prof's quick turn around of the fortunes of NDDC in less than two months, they are attacking his son. Unfortunately, lies have never succeeded as a weapon against those who serve their country selflessly.
Pray, how do photographs taken seven, five and four years ago become evidence of corruption for a position a man's father has held for less than two months? The one of Chris holding dollars was taken and posted on his Facebook wall on January 15, 2012, at least seven years ago. The picture of him with a police escort was posted in 2015. Even the Lufthansa flight was taken in 2017 when he brought back his family from the US. If he had the money to pay for premium seats for his family two years ago, how can anyone begrudge him today? As for flashy cars, he has been buying cars since 2010. Interestingly, he has not bought any new car since his father took this appointment. How then can cars bought before this time, by a private businessman, from his legitimate income become an issue today?

And which Chris are they talking about? Is it the Chris that in 2015 was standing for elections? Is it the Chris that contested for the ticket of APC for the Sagbama State constituency 1 last year? Is it the Chris that has worked round the clock in the past seven years to build an enviable business empire? Is it the Chris that spends whatever spare time he has on his family rather than engage in the pastimes of the vain young?
If they must fight Prof, they better look for a better missile. Chris has been a success story and the last one and a half month has not made any impact on his profile.

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