Atiku's Patriotism On Acid Test - Will He Keep To His Words?

By Val Igwebuike

Are those asking Atiku not to go to Court calling the southern Nigerian politicians fools? Atiku would certainly be seen to have connived with his Fulani brothers to deceive southern Nigerians and used them to retain power with the Fulanis if he fails to go to court.
The implication is that there will never again exist any political synergy and reliable political relationship between the North and South, particularly with the Fulanis and the core North.

Again, if Atiku fails to go to court to reclaim the mandate given to him by Nigerians, the People's Democratic Party, PDP will go into oblivion as Nigerians will see it as a commercial political party that plays dirty and vicious politics, insulting the sensibility of Nigerian electorates.

More so, partisan politics and patriotic democratic exercise by Nigerians shall die an orchestrated death through complacent electoral apathy. Those asking Atiku not to go to court are displaying brazen insensitivity and extreme tribalistic disposition.
Do they ever think of the feelings of other Nigerians, whose national right and pride of franchise have been deflated by the massive and brazen manipulation of the presidential election of 23rd, February, 2019 by the Buhari/APC, and the compromised electoral umpire, INEC?

The advocates of this obnoxious  crusade seeking the avoidance of the only Known and Sacred means to retrieve the Politically legitimate mandate of the people of Nigeria from the hands of political vampires and economic disastrous elements should cover themselves with shame. Are these sycophantic advocates of political atrocities and recklessness, considering the fact that so many innocent Nigerians were wasted because of this particular election? What of those who died that day, working for Nigeria? For how long shall these political merchants get tired of spilling the blood of innocent Nigerians, who know nothing about political skirmishes?

Surely, Atiku shall be killing his political career and submerging his personality in the abyss of shame, caricature and odorous pit if he listens to the voice of unpatriotic and vicious men calling for his compromise with the people identified as agents of electoral disaster and killers of democracy.
Atiku will never be trusted and respected by any reasonable Nigerian again, and more devastatingly, no Full-blooded Igbo man and their Eastern brothers, now called the Niger Deltans will ever engage in any political synergy with the Fulanis and other parts of the core North.
This is the hard truth; it will happen if Atiku for any reason succumbs to the pressure coming from his people to boycott the inevitability of the Court process, which guarantees the best approach to reclaim the People's mandate.

Undoubtedly, the continued existence of the shaking political foundation of Nigeria as a country shall be decided to a larger extent by the worthy decision of Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, as Nigerians await in confidence his Patriotism to keep to his Words by heading straight to the court to reclaim the mandate of legitimacy as demonstrated by the people of Nigeria on 23rd, February, 2019.

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