Reality That Surpasses All Doubts: Ejike Chukwu Is The Next Governor Of Imo State!

 A Reality That Surpasses All Doubts: Ejikeme Chukwu Is The Next Governor Of Imo State!

Of all uncertainties, one is certain. The 2007 gubernatorial election in Imo State provided the most astonishing political reality of all times in our political history. What was that? It was the surprising outcome of the governorship election of that year. That year's gubernatorial election had the names of political bigwigs from major political parties with national spread and contacts.

The People's Democratic Party,  PDP was more or less seemingly assumed as the only political party with the assurances of electoral victory at a national scale. This simple implies that once an aspirant emerges as the candidate of PDP in any state of the federation, particularly, in the South East and South South, he or she is automatically believed to have won the general election. 

It was at this period of our political history, when brazen political impunity and electoral rascality was at the top echelon that a different political reality manifested before us.
That was when a man of no relevant political strength Surfaced. A man, whose electoral value was not known beyond the demarcating walls of his local government area. 

Providence, Luck, loyalty to national Powers that be, and the unbridled ambition and uncompromising desperation for money and political power by the then political gladiators, who locked themselves in a cataclysmic struggle for the Douglas House, opened an unexpected window of political opportunity for Dr Ikedi Ohakim to become the forth Executive Governor of Imo State, the Eastern Heartland.

That was how the big fight among the political moneybags paved way for the relatively unknown Ikedi Ohakim to become Governor. It is said that when two elephants fight, the ground suffers. That scenario, which necessitated the Politically unknown Ohakim to control the Douglas House for four years has resurfaced with unimaginable dimensions. 

Today, the gubernatorial race in Imo is bringing into the electoral ring moneybags, heavy weights and political bigwigs, who have demonstrated unbridled callousness and vicious readiness to battle it out at all costs, and by all means possible. 
From all visible indications, these big names and contenders in the gubernatorial race in the Heartland have thrown caution to the wind. They are not ready to listen to any advice that may quench the ravaging inferno in our already devastated political space.

Certainly, this present uncompromising disposition of Governorship candidates from popular political parties will pave way for a political green horn in the race to have a smooth way to Imo State's biggest political seat - the Douglas House.  
This Prophetic gubernatorial contender is Ejike Chukwu of the African Democratic Congress, ADC. This man of amiable humility is new to politics but highly respected in the business and professional fields of human endeavor. An Accountant of laudable repute and industrial magnet. Ejike Chukwu is an Ohaji Egbema born philanthropist, who was born in 16th July, 1974.
He attended Abia state University, where he studied Accountancy. This soft spoken Imolite is the Founder/Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of MegaDrill Nigeria Limited. An oil and gas services company with Head office in Port Harcourt and branches in Abuja and the United States.

As a philanthropist, Ejike Chukwu is the Founder and President of Ejike Chukwu Foundation, an organization that enables him to assist the children of the less privileged to acquire sound and qualitative education from the primary  to the university level. He is happily married with four children.
The profound humility, his placid manner and philanthropic gestures are the major characteristics that will endear him to Imolites. 
Again, the self-opinionated dogmatic arrogance of the political moneybags in Imo State is the moral guarantee that Ejike Chukwu of the ADC shall be the next Executive Governor of Imo State, the Eastern Heartland.

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