Political Gladiators With Electoral Values In Imo State.

One of the major interesting thing about the 2019 gubernatorial election  in Imo State is the entrance of personalities with empirical professional pedigrees. Almost all the major political parties and the newly registered parties have got successful technocrats as aspirants before the party primary elections.
In People's Democratic Party, PDP, so many professionals with outstanding and verifiable accolades from their previous engagements were out to use the big umbrella to revamp the socioeconomic status of the present Imo State. 
As expected, these green horns in politics were sincerely embraced by the people, who are in dare need of political Messiahs. 
Alas, the bane of Nigerian political underdevelopment, which is the manipulation of processes by forces against aggregate socioeconomic prosperity and good governance hampered the  golden opportunities Imolites have to welcome seasoned technocrats as their political leaders in the Douglas House. 

At the end, none of these good, well trained professionals, who have the tranquil mentality and sound educational background necessary for qualitative and people-oriented government were given the opportunity to fly the flags of their political parties. This is the first fatal defeat given to the good people of Imo state by the unwanted politicians, who enjoy stolen financial wherewithal and federal connections that can aid them to manipulate and destabilise a process and produce candidates for the Federal interest.
One of these well trained professionals, who joined politics to enhance social engineering and good governance in Imo State is Mr Ezeji Benneth from Ezinihitte Mbaise in Owerri Senatorial zone. 
He is not only a professional, but also  young and placidly charismatic. As an experienced professional bank and pension fund manager, Ezeji Benneth has acquired credible human resources and management capacity expertise to handle political administration for economic development and social security in Imo State. His philanthropic gestures and human empowerment programmes during his service years in the banking industry has attracted so many people to him that by the time Benneth veered into politics, he was already leading a mass MOVEMENT.

Today, having been manipulated out of the gubernatorial contest by those who call the shots in PDP, but do not have the support of the people, Ezeji Benneth has gone back to the people, who have the mandate of legitimacy. Presently, this young man, whose placid manner is a characteristic which compels the admiration of all, is controlling large followers of potential voters in all the 27 local government areas, and the 305 political wards in the state. The membership of these various political organisations and support groups are in hundreds of thousands in Imo State.
From all verifiable indications, these support groups under the control of this humble young philanthropist have the electoral value, capacity and strength to attract more than 50% of the total votes resulting from the 305 political wards and about 3,232 pulling units in the Eastern Heartland.
What is more? It is apparently obvious to those undesirable political gladiators, who manipulated themselves into becoming the candidates of their political parties for their insensitive connections to the Federal powers, that the people are waiting to Shame them at the polls. 
For this particular reason and many more, many candidates are now do everything possible to appeal to the humility of this young technocrat, Ezeji Benneth. 
The direction of this uncommon electoral ascinal from the political organisations and massive support groups as controlled by Ezeji Benneth will certainly go a long way in deciding the overall electoral victories in Imo State for the 2019 general elections.

By Val Igwebuike

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