Senator stella Oduah has not slowed down on her visits across the 7 LGAs of her district. Today like the other days of her tour, saw Onitsha go frantic as she payed the old city a visit. The crowd witnessed at the arena, was gargantuan. So much love for the senator shown by the people of Onitsha, was so heart warming. Their zeal, for want, to be in the presence of their able senator as they showered her with praises.

Welcoming the distinguished senator to the arena was Hon. Linda Ikpazu, federal house of representative member, representing Onitsha North and South federal constituencies, and PDP candidate. Also with the honourable member, present to welcome the senator was the D.G, Stella Oduah campaign Organization, Emeka Idu. Who anchored the smooth and successful out come of the event. Just a few amongst the many other politicians present to welcome the distinguished senator. They all had time to talk to the enduring crowd, giving them tons of beneficial reasons to vote the only party that has the interest of the people at heart, PDP. 

The distinguished senator had her time to talk as well and as usual, at the very mention of her name the crowd went berserk. Unending screams of her name echoed the entire arena. Princess Oduah reiterated the necessity of ndi Igbo returning PDP to power. Stating how imperative it is if we want our voice to be stamped undeniably at the federal level. She thanked the good people of Onitsha and in her usual manner observed the igbo tradition of "iche orji" to the men, women, and youths.

Maka Oganiru!


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