Godwin Onoja's Death: Nigeria Custom Officers going beyond their Mecuarntance---Group.

***CHRSJ Set to Launch Operation Stop Constabulary Mentality.
***Demand for Accelerated Justice against the alleged Killer. 

A reputable Civil Rights Organization in Nigeria, Centre for Human Rights and Social Justice (CHRSJ) set to launch an Operation Stop Constabulary Mentality in Nigeria, through the Legal means of locomotive instrumentality Law and Court Litigation against lawless force or its Agents, that is not know any other way than to take Law on his or her hands, who relied on a jungle justice of extra-Judicial killing of the innocent Citizens without ready to follow the rule of Law and due Process, the group further demanded for the accelerated Justice against the allegedly Killer of a Civilian, late Godwin Onoja on Sunday, February 17th, 2019.

In a Press Statement issued and signed on Tuesday by the Group Executive Chairman, Comrade Adeniyi, Alimi Sulaiman which made available to the Journalist further buttressed the issues that it's now the actual time to say no to the violation of the fundamental rights of the Citizens of Nigeria, who were intermittently Contacted the untimely death in the hand of lawless uniform personnel in their fathers land without properly make the culprit to face the capital punishment, most especially when they discovered that the family of the victims is downtrodden masses or wretched human being.

According to the eye witness and one among the Passenger in the vehicle on the day of the sad incident of late Godwin at Sagamu end of the  Lagos-Ibadan intersection to Ore-Benin Expressway say's "the late Godwin Onoja who shot to death by the trigger happy Nigeria Custom officer "Destiny Onebamho" on Sunday, February 17th, 2019 was due to the idiosyncratic criminal tendency of allegedly Killer and his team members, which they were on a plan to extort the Nigerians European based returnees of Five Thousand Naira (5,000:00k), and it will be very clear to Nigerians that the Custom officers ASCI Destiny Onebamho and others in the affected team have committed a serious crime in the Law Enforcement Agency Act and the Criminal Code with Apex Law of the Federation before the so call ASCI Onebamho involved himself in another highest crime of murdered, no matter the level of defensive game and statement of NCS Public Relations Officer and their Zonal Coordinator of the Federal Operations Unit Zone 'A' Nigeria. 

The CHRSJ further emphasized that Nigeria Custom Officers are always going beyond their Mecuarntance an Unconstitutionally involved themself on the duty that is not legally belong to them and it is caused many innocent life of Nigerians to suffered the similar fate of late Onoja in the hand of this so call Custom Officials, among whom was Late Ayo Dada who was killed by the Custom Officer with a white Hilux vehicle at Ajao Checking Point along Idiroko Road of Ogun State, one Ojo Abiola was seriously subjected to illegal torture and Mr. Oyeniran Ebenezer was shot in his right leg on 16th October, 2018 at about 2p.m in Ihunbo town under Ipokia Local Government, which Ojo Abiola and Oyeniran Ebenezer spent almost three Month some Days under intensive care at undisclosed hospital around Ogun State and so call those Custom Officials still looking around to kill them, most especially Ebenezer Oyeniran which his House at Atewolara in Odofin Quarters at Iyana Ita Egbe Bus Stop in Ihunbo town was illegally invaded, took his Pick-Up vehicle to Idiroko Police Station before his Lawyer dragged those Custom Officers before the Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIG) in-Charge of Zone (2) Police Zonal Command at Onikan Lagos, through the Petition dated on 18th October, 2018 for Proper investigation and Justice." Group lamented.

In his submission, the "CHRSJ Boss decry the barbaric and callous manner with which this Custom Officers are carry out their duties and other law enforcement agency include Police and Soldiers, these various agents act is in flagrant violation of fundamental human rights, a driver was killed by a soldier, Akeem Ofege was killed by a mobile Police Man named Sunday, Leegba (also a driver) was killed by inspector popularly called 'Prince', Sola Olusola was mercilessly stabbed to death by a Soldier  PTE Osho Solomon Olukayode of Regiment 192BN of Nigeria Army, which Olaide Akinola was shot to death by Sergent Aliwo Michael (a.k.a Awilo) and Late Zharkoor Zaid was killed by Inspector Sanni G. Ogedengbe, to mention but a few.
CHRSJ also call fellow Nigerians to put an end to this callous act being perpetrated by those who are meant to defend the country and protect the Citizens, we cannot fold our hands while we are being killed innocently and it's callous to feel unconcern to these baseless killings, which the CHRSJ will make sure to follow this case of Murder and extra Judicial killing of late Godwin Onoja by ASCI Destiny Onebamho, a Custom Officer to the logical conclusion and the Group further say  NO to Law Enforcement Agent constabulary Mentality."News Story Concluded. 


Comrade Adeniyi, Alimi Sulaiman.
(Revolutionary Alfa)
Executive Chairman. 
+234 8038591504 & +234 8022697573.

Noted Sir/Ma.

(1). Pix: 1--4 is (Late Sola Olusola), who was Stabbed to death by a Soldier, PTE Osho Solomon Olukayode.
(2). Pix: 5--7 is (Late Olaide Akinola), who was shot to death by Police, Sargent Aliwo Michael.

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