Actress Maureen Cyril, CEO GoodGirl Global Receives Two sets of twins on her annual charity campaign ReachOut

1. For the benefit of your fans can you tell us about yourself briefly?

My name is Maureen Cyril, I am from Anambra state, studied Bsc Nursing. I am a philanthropist and a serial entrepreneur. I own GoodGirl Global Concepts Ltd which is a fashion & entertainment company, I sell real estate under the umbrella of The Bestsellers Realtor and  am also an actress.
2. What is the motivation towards your charity outreach

 I'd say love, passion, pity, following the footsteps of Christ and creating a positive impact on the world around me.
3. Is important you throw more light on your brand, is GoodGirl an NGO or a company that supports charity?

For now, GoodGirl Global is a brand that supports charity and extension of love acts to the less privileged. We started the ROWL(Reach Out With Love) campaign in 2016 with 10% made from the total annual sales of our product (the goodgirl goodie pack) sales as our own way of giving back to the society but to our surprise we didn't know people were actually seeing our handworks so this year, ROWL 2019, people really got involved. We got lots of donations (money, clothes, shoes, foodstuffs, support etc) from family members, friends, anonymous, companies and my church Mosignor in Ss Philip & James also supported the movement so for now, we are just supporting charity although the GoodGirl foundation has been born with the view of becoming a full 
fledged NGO in the near future. *smiles*
4. GoodGirl usually undertakes charity project once every year especially Valentines Day...What is significant about the day?

 Well, picking Valentine's Day for our annual "GoodGirl Reach Out With Love" campaign was a direction from God and who am I not to obey? *laughs* Between which better day in a year to reach out with love than on a day filled with epic proportions of love. Although, since we are getting responses from other individuals and organizations, we are looking forward to extending the campaign to not just on Valentine's Day but occasionally. God willing.
5.  So does the brand fund itself or raise money for the charity outreach?

Since we started the ROWL campaign, it has been solely sponsored by GoodGirl Global but like I said earlier, this year is the 1st time it has attracted external funds and partners in joining us and we believe more hands will be joining, the door is always open. 
6. Do you have plans to extend the charity outreach beyond Lagos or beyond Valentine day?

Of course we will, our ROWL campaign is not constricted to just Valentine's Day or to people in Lagos alone, no. We can reach out to anyone in any part of the country/world as long as we are able to reach out to them. We are just doing the much we can for now until we get more funds.
7.  Does GoodGirl Agency seek partnership with other organisations or international collaboration towards it's outreach?

We are open to partnerships, after all there is a saying that goes "if you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together" 
8. Can you tell us why you stopped featuring in Nollywood movies because your fans know you as an actress?

Who said I've stopped acting? No way, acting is my passion, my dream so there's no way I'm stopping. I featured in 4 movies last year. 2 with Uche Jumbo, how to save my marriage and chef Dickson, both showing on Africa magic showcase. It's just that my businesses take most of my time but that doesn't mean if I get called for movie roles I wouldn't grab the opportunity. So movie producers and directors, I'm up for hiring.
9. Over the years, Good Girl has empowered and feed a lot of kids on the street, what is your angle of Charity?

Yes we have, for the fact that our angle of charity is to help and assist more children to be able to go to school, that doesn't stop us from reaching out to others who are not children. For instance, for ROWL 2019, we visited the makoko community and was able to reach out to over 70 women (widows & mothers) with cash, foodstuffs and clothings. I'll say our motive is basically to give back to the society, touch lives, change lives and put smiles on the faces of the downtrodden in any way we can. It could be taking care of a child's school fees, providing capital for a poor mum with children to start up a business, going to the hospital to take care of bills for those who can't afford to etc., any act of love as we are led by the holyspirit.
GoodGirl Global recently received two sets of twins on her annual charity campaign Reach Out With Love ROWL 2019
10. What do you want your fans or partners to know or your any words for them?

 Love Love Love !                                                 Let's learn to practice love towards one another cos that is the key to making our world a better place to live in. Let's not be like the foolish man in Luke 12:16-21, I'm sure we all know what happened to him. When you're privileged, reach out to the less privileged, when you have, give because when you give more you receive more and that I can testify to. Be your brother's keepers. God bless you all for reading, I do love you.

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