Why Are Imolites Not Following The Big Names In The Governorship Online Polls?

By Val Igwebuike

The results coming out from the imoopinionpolls, an online voting platform to evaluate the electoral values of the various political parties and their candidates for the elective offices in Imo State is showing a shocking direction as to the acceptability of these candidates by the savvy Imo electorates.
This muck election electronic exercise has got three methodical approaches. One is the online method, which allows Imolites to visit the polls site - www.imoopinionpolls.com to interface with the candidates of various political parties and vote for a candidate of their choice using their phones or computers as the case may be. The second important segment is known as: ' Voters On The Streets'. Under this vocal segment, Organisers of the opinion polls go round the streets, markets, government ministries, corporate environments and all human traffic areas in the state to seek opinions of the electorates and ask them to say whom they would vote for, recording their voices for broadcast.
The third segment of imoopinionpolls is the life radio analysis of the results of the polls as gathered from all the segments of the entire opinion collection exercise.

However, contrary to popular expectation that the results of the polls would go in favour of the routine politicians, whose faces have been in the political fray for years now, the results are crystal clear that the people of Imo State if given a free and fair and peaceful atmosphere by the electoral umpire to cast their votes, may possibly prefer the unknown faces and political green horns, but who are technocrats and professionals in special fields of human endeavor.
The results as at moment show that the intellectually savvy young people from the Eastern Heartland, who control 80% of Internet explorers and users, and about 60% of the voting strength in the state are not giving their online votes to known political faces in the state.

This outcome of results in the second week of the voting exercise calls for serious questions:
One, why are the Politicians with big names and from big and popular political parties not showing their exaggerated strength on the online polls?
Does this suggest that heavy political contenders and their big political parties are still using people of analog mentality in their various campaign organizations?
What is the quality of the youths that they attract to themselves, and what services do these youths  carry out for them in their different campaign organizations?
Or could it be said that these political candidates are simply avoiding the people?

Again, one may also reason that confronted with so many challenges, and seamlessly strategizing on how to ensure they win the gubernatorial election, these bigwigs in the gubernatorial election ring have not yet noticed that there is an ongoing online polls with the onomatopoeic nomenclature - imoopinionpolls.
If this is the case, it is expected that as the online polls get into the most critical stage of the exercise, these candidates and their political parties must find a way to engage their youths and savvy members to visit the site and cast their votes for them so as to demonstrate their political capacity to rule Imolites, their popularity and electability in a free and fair election.

It is important to add that the radio segment of the online polls during which indebt analysis of the polls are made, also offer the party candidates ample opportunity to talk to the voters while receiving immediate feedback from Imo electorates.
This is the central essence of the package known as imoopinionpolls.
For enquiries on participation, voting and inclusion, log on to: www.imoopinionpolls.com

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