If you're paying attention to the people who are updated and good in Nigeria HipHip, you would have heard the name "Gold Symbol" by now.  The Nigerian rapper, Songwriter, golden hip hop crusher with a creative multisyllabic style, Rapper Tony Patrick Chigozie, is one singer we all must look out for in 2019.

With his fast rising fame, Singer "Symbol" is known to be influential and amongst the most skilled artist from the south-south region. During his formative years as a rapper growing up in Portharcourt city, Symbol joined the likes of Mark 12, Cash Krop and DJ Deemex. He later moved on to Uyo, were he met with the finest Uyo underdog rapper clique. 

Gold symbol is set to drop his newest hit, titled "Coco", an afro hip-hop single which is anticipated to shutdown the entire musical arena across Nigeria when released. 
The multisyllabic hit single "Coco" will drop in the air space on the 4th of February, 2019. In an exclusive interview with rapper Symbol, he told AlexReports that his new hit single "Coco" was a song which was inspired by one of the contestants of the 2018/2019 Most Beautiful Model in Nigeria.

He told AlexReports that the song was however a reflection of his undecided feelings for the stunning and alluring beauty of the MBMN contestant.

Before now, "Gold Symbol" has recorded several hits, featuring artists like Ikpa, Udo, Pope Don X, Lybra, Sagas, OgiveR, Feelings, Jsongz and Chase. He has done good hits with the best south-south producers like Otyno, OgiveR, 8note, Jazzbeat and alot others.

Speaking with Amity Global Network, the mangers of "Gold Symbol" they highlighted the envisioned and creative capacity of the singer, stating that "Gold Symbol" is a rare commodity and a musical burgeon that cannot be stopped.

Gold Symbol remains one of the fastest rising artist which the world would be talking about soon.

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