OPINION: Objective Assessment Of Kadaria Ahmed, Moderator Of The Atiku/Obi Interview

With regards to the interview with Ex Vice President Atiku and Gov Peter Obi moderated this night by Kadira, her performance tonight was quite abysmal.

1.There were deliberate attempts by kadira to demonize their persons and not issues. Extended it to their wives and even parents. But with Buhari, she stayed only on issues. Despite that, Atiku and Obi was able to come out shining like diamond thru the rough. Had this woman gone as brute on buhari/osibanjo as she did today, the federal govt would have found her asset declaration form by now.

2. The PDP candidates were clearly bared and even warned against any form of reference to buhari's govt or APC administration. But at the buhari/osibanjo interview, they had the freedom to take swipes on "16 years of PDP" as their excuse for everything.

3. She constantly cut off any answer that will help the PDP candidates market themselves or their policies. Once it appears Atiku or obi is building points from her question, she will terminate that question and go to another. But if it's one that she feels that can put them in trouble or humiliate them, she will keep coming back to it over and over again. Such was not experienced with the apc chat where a question will be lowered to almost kindergarten level before the president can grasp it. Most of the answers made by Buhari were clearly off the track from her questions but she let it slide.

4. There was a clear attempt to be rude to the guests and even the audience. May be she saw that as a way of showing her authority. 

Frankly, in terms of journalism professionalism, she performed below average tonight. But the brilliance and sound responses of Atiku and Obi made up for her talk backs, snaps, rude interruptions etc

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