Nnia, I Didn't Know That You Were So Idiotic, Obiano To Nnia Nwodo

Nnia Nwodo writes Governor Obiano in reaction to calling him Nwodo idiot over the statement of Ohaneze support for Atiku/ Obi ticket

“Your Excellency Gov Obiano, I was surprised to receive a call from you a few minutes ago in which you said the following words "Nnia, I didn't know that you were so idiotic"
 I am shocked that you can be so insolent.
I am sure that I was not so idiotic when I addressed your State Assembly asking Ndi Anambra to disregard the IPOB boycott of your election nor was I idiotic when I pleaded with the Commander in Chief to restore your security details.
History will judge who amongst us is idiotic. If standing with the popular wish of Ndigbo makes me idiotic I am happy to be called an idiot.
I will make this communication public so that Igbos will know who is idiotic amongst both of us.”

From President general ohaneze ndigbo Chief Nnia Nwodo to Gov. Willie Obiano.

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