MUST- READ: How To Use Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Service For Political And Viral Campaigns....See Cost ?

Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Service : Text / Images / Video / Audio / PDF

If you think bulk sms marketing is cool...wait till you try out whatsapp broadcast marketing. sms marketing is cool.. but has its own limitations .. you will agree with me 160 characters is simply not enough to pass out a message across to a prospective clients,voter or potential customer. 

whatsapp broadcasts allow you to send articles and send out messages way beyond 160 text characters. And what makes whatsapp messaging exciting is that you can also broadcast pictures, mp3 audio or even voice notes, jingles and also videos. 

We have a proprietary  whatsapp broadcasting solution that can allow you advertise your business,event,religious events,goodwill messages,political campaign etc using plain simple text, a picture, sound or video and it can be reached by millions of whatsapp users. 

You can now decide to promote your business,political campaign, church programme,event,show or anything in particular to whatsapp users in Nigeria. We have a proprietary software solution to send your advert to a minimum of 5000 people. We have an active database of whatsapp users in each local government of Nigeria, this means you can send a broadcast promoting your business offer in the form of a long text message, a picture advert,a sound jingle or better still a video.

We have an active database of gsm users in Nigeria, and we can filter active whatsapp users and send them whatsapp broadcasts. You can even decide to target by State or local government. You can decide to target from 5000 to a 1,000,000 people and upwards.

Why you should avail WhatsApp Marketing Service ?

There are multiple valid reasons why we recommend clients to avail WhatsApp Marketing against other traditional mode of marketing solutions. Below are few key points hope you would be able to relate to these more effectively

Conveying information via Image or Video is 10 times more effective then just text words. WhatsApp campaigns ensure you get 10 times more attention of prospect lead compare to other types of lead generation products like TV Ads, Radio Ads, Email Ads, Voice Call Ads, Paper Ads & Holdings.Running WhatsApp Campaign is low cost and effective.If a number is active on whatsapp you can be sure that he/she would see your campaigns 100%.

If an end-user cannot afford a smartphone and is not having WhatsApp enabled phone. Definitely he is not worth to be called as prospect lead.Save money by sending relevant campaign to target audience than broadcasting in mass without knowing the campaign outcome. Most of the other means of lead generation service are time dependent.In limited time and efforts you could reach more target audience easily.Its easy to run campaigns and you get campaign summary reports too.

The greater the number of messages in a subscription is, the less the cost per message would be

5,000-20,000 Messages Credits: N10 per Message

20,000-50,000 Messages Credits: N8 per Message

50,000-100,000 Messages Credits: N6 per Message

100,000-500,000 Messages Credits: N5 per Message

500,000-1,000,000 Messages Credits: N3 per Message

1,000,000-5,000,000 Messages Credits: N2 per Message

10,000,000-50,000,000 Messages Credits: N1.50 per Message

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