LOVE TWIST! Married Another Man Because Of Money Just To Give My Boyfriend And I A Better

She wrote:

"I married another man because of money just to give my boyfriend and I a better life.
I have 2 kids but they are for my boyfriend not my husband , my husband takes care of the kids very well and I send my boyfriend allowance every month because he is in Lagos while I am in PH .

Finishwork but I am worried,I saw my boyfriend yesterday as he came into town to see us as usual in the hotel I always pay for , after making love I noticed that on his phone he had this dp of 4 children on his phone , not even my kids , I asked him and he said it was his elder sister kids . 

His phone rang and I overhead a woman talking and I noticed he was uncomfortable but I just kept calm , not until I stared hearing children on the background of the phone , I started getting scared because he was so uncomfortable. So I confronted him again and he said to me, they are my children.

Finishwork  I did not understand how because we talk everyday , how did he get money to find another woman and have 4kids when I feed him , RAL this guy told me that I should go my way and that my kids are not his kids . I felt broken that I even fainted .

I feel so used and depressed.
And I want to deal with him .

Make him a living dead , walking dead body and a vegetable. I will go to the extreme I swear on my life . He is on this platform and I want him to read it . Kene I will mess u up ."

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