The president and founder of Juremi Foundation, Amen Rochas has commended His Excellency, President Muhammadu Buhari for finally ascending and signing the Disability Bill into Law. Amen Rochas made the applauds this afternoon, few minutes after the bill was signed.

As the founder of an NGO that focuses on physically challenged persons, Amen Rochas is optimistic that better policies and initiatives will be enacted to further sustain the mandate of the disability law.

According the Amen Rochas, the executive approval of this bill may not yield any fruitful effect, unless government and private agencies collectively work together to ensure that those living with disabilities are given better opportunities to ease their access to national amenities and rights.

This requires that provisional initiatives must be put in place to ensure that privileges like job opportunities, ease of access through air and road transport services, banking services and other relevant provisions must be put in place. 

Before now the Disability Bill has lingered in the national assembly until it was passed on to office of the President, which he signed without hesitation.

This act prohibits all forms of discrimination on ground of disability and imposes a fine of N1, 000, 000 for corporate bodies and N100, 000 for individuals or a term of six months imprisonment for violation of the the law concurrently.

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