HARD DECISION?? I Want To Give My Boyfriend My Panties For Money Ritual, Will He Dumb Me Later After Blood Oath?

You all have been my source of hope for 2 years now so I want to share this with you all and get advise. I want to give my boyfriend my panties for money ritual.

I know it sound crazy and stupid of me but I love him so much and so tired of seeing him suffer so much without anything to show for it.

We have dated for 4 years and ever since I met him things have been so hard , he has been to several job interviews and failed. 

He has tried so many businesses and failed ,I even sold my car for him to raise money but it failed. I even had to fake my own kidnap just to get money from my dad, we successfully did it and got 5 million but he was duped and still failed.

He has done a lot of jobs, even worked in a hotel as a bar man but still one thing will need to another and he will get sacked.

We had to go to church and his pastor said I am the problem, he said I have strong spirit and until my spirit is willing to sacrifice something that my boyfriend will never succeed.

Ever since then he has been blaming me for is failure and I am willing to prove him wrong .

He has been talking about some of his guys who makes money from selling panties and making money and it excite him so much.

So I have made up my mind to give him my panties to sell or use for anything so long as I will not die and will still be with him.

I want to prove my love for him , I just want him to see I love him .I know this is stupid but I still need advise before I finally make up my mind . 

I told him about it and he said I should think about it and be sure. And I also wanted us to take an oath before I give him my panties so that he won't sell it and make money then dump me.

Please Advice, your comments will be Rekayed to the poster, 

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