By Chidiebere Nwobodo

The Villa cabal, who are operating under the strict instructions of President Buhari, knew that the CCT trial of Justice Walter Nkanu Onnoghen—the CJN, would not scale through at the end of the day. Their heinous agenda was to discredit him, and subsequently force him to resign. The main conspiracy was to give him "Saraki treatment"; put him in the dock, and plant the pictures in the front pages of all the major newspapers the following day. While the print will be preparing their next day publications, the BMC and all the APC apologists would have overwhelmed the social media with the ignoble pictures of the Chief Justice of Nigeria sitting in the dock. It would have been an eyesore! Thereby making the number one law officer of the land look like a common criminal suspect in the eyes of the world. That would have made the CJN vulnerable and susceptible to moral and emotional blackmails going forward. These are the trademarks of desperate sadistic tyrants and barbaric power-mongers, who are terrified of an independent judiciary! To God be the glory that their evil machinations boomeranged. The CJN and his team were wiser, smarter, proactive and futuristic.

The cabal knew that the game was over, when it became crystal clear that the CJN was not going to show up at Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT) at all. The APC just scored an own goal towards the last minutes of a crucial champions league final. In a match they're are already trailing behind on goals. What a blunder! Whoever sold this irrational idea to the president, has done more damage to his re-election bid, than all the opposition parties put together. Sudden trial of Chief Justice of Nigeria, Justice Walter Onnoghen generated so much national outrage, to the extent that it has united those who were reluctant to push for Buhari's exit, together with the leading opposition onslaught against Buhari's re-election campaign. There is a growing national consensus that Buhari has become existential threat to our fledgling democracy, and must be booted out of office by all legitimate means, before he wrecks the foundation of this nation like an intoxicated bull in a China Shop. Buhari's blunder on the CJN in particular—judiciary by extension, has become Atiku's gain. Those who were hitherto foot-dragging in throwing their full political weight behind Atiku Abubakar's presidential campaign, he has seen that Buhari's second term, will be catastrophic for all. They are supporting Atiku just to tame this growing monster of dictatorship and make Nigeria democratic again. Buhari's gaffes; Atiku's gains!

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