By Izu Osuigwe

When we took up the fight against His "Lifeless" in 2016 after his 97 and 5 percent speech,  some people claimed it was because of where he came from, but we answered them,  we voted for Yaradua,  who was also from Katsina, they lost the argument.
Then, the country's economy collapsed,  poverty became the order of the day.
Families started selling their children for food, many Nigerians saw what we saw and started having a rethink.
But some still were caught up on the fake integrity narrative.
Then the herdsmen unleashed serial massacres on innocent, sleeping villagers from middle belt to South East,  a young girl,  Chioma, who just finished her masters in Canada and came back to her village in Enugu, was among the victims ravaged and brutally killed.
This government did not condemn, arrest nor care, but emboldened the herdsmen killers by their disinterested  inaction, we knew we had to expose the vacuity of these people in power,  and gradually but steadily we used facts and figures to show them up for what they are.
From reports,  even before the PDP convention, all their internal presidential polling showed Buhari losing massively to hypothetical PDP candidates.
Then the recent INEC numbers added to the heat, when it was shown that the biggest accretion of new  voters was from the South East   and this increase in percentage of voters  also reflected in number of voters from that zone residing in other zones.
New realities were thrown up, to the effect that the  largest voting block in Nigeria today are the South East and South South who now vote as one for same interest.
Panic set in,  all of a sudden,  they started dumping sand on the site of second Niger Bridge, the governors of South East zone were invited to Abuja,  Akpabio was blackmailed into joining APC, the South East was promised the presidency in 2023,
their mind was still not settled.
His niece was positioned in INEC, he refused to sign the electoral law as that would have been his total undoing.
As it is,  based on realities on ground,  whilst he will have  to struggle with Atiku for the votes of North West,  North East and South West,  he has already lost the votes of South East,  North Central and South South.
Hence his only chance to win would only be through massive and overt rigging.  But for such to happen successfully ,  one must control both the powers of coercion and the powers of adjudication.
He was sure on the coercion part, but wasn't in control of the judiciary who flexed their independence, especially in shunning Amaechi's attempt to use them in the Rivers State APC shenanigans.
For that, the Chief Justice of the Federation must go. To make room for a lackey who would rubber stamp their massive rigging!
There were still some Nigerians who clung to "Hinterqwirity " narrative until the NTA Town hall meeting yesterday!
Nigerians after yesterday,   discovered that the man,  Buhari is not even qualified or has regressed to the point he shouldn't even be a village head!
Our struggles have not been in vain,  we have shown him up for who he really is and for what he actually stood for.  Yes he was defending Ganduje the dollar man.
If he ever wins this election,  the world over would know massive injustice was done on Nigerians, and the  repercussions won't be far off.
Without money, arms or press, we have used the brain God gave us and the assistance  of Mark Zuckerberg and google to deflate his arrogant pomposity.  Win or lose, we are grateful to God for keeping us alive thus far.
But let's close the argument!

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