BENZ PALAVA!! Pant Hijackers At Ijebu Ode Eatery Mosun Cafe , Demands For Female Pants And Forces Pant On Those Who Didn’t Wear Pant For 5mins


It has been alleged that some young men and young ladies went to a restaurant, mosun cafe at Ijebu ode Ogun state and gathered all the pants of the women and offered pants to those that didn't wear pants to wear for five (5) minute.

A lady identified as @Omotayo_Visuals took to Twitter to reveal the incident. She wrote…

Some boys went to an eatery at ijebu ode Ogun state and collected all the pant of the ladies there no killing or robbery they just went there for the pants, those that didn't wear pant were given pant to wear for five (5) minute.


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