ANAMBRA CENTRAL: _"Our Vote is for APGA" - Sen. Victor Umeh*_

It amazes me whenever I hear anybody saying he or she would replace Senator Victor Umeh in the 9th Senate. How does he/she intend to do it when the electorates yearn to cast all their votes for their most dynamic and dependable senator, the best in the history of Anambra Central Senatorial District. 

Again, what does he or she believe he could do differently or better if given the chance whereby Senator Victor Umeh has redeemed the zone from the ravishing effects of poor representation under PDP senators.

Today, Anambra Central can boast of a Senator with Consistent, Courageous, Effective and Reliable Voice in the Senate whose Motion has been voted the BEST MOTION OF THE YEAR 2018 and Bill for the Establishment of the Federal University of Education Aguleri, Anambra State considered essential and accelerated, and passed in less than 10 months of presentation (uncommon in the Senate).

From what we had in the past, where senators would be in the Senate as bench warmers, dumb without any bills or motion to impact the parliament; When we had senators who never laid a block in the whole of the constituency nor empowered a youth or woman; senators who sign-off our constituency funds and export them abroad for personal aggrandizement, senators who do not mix up with the constituents but only come back with intimidating wealth to buy their consciences and votes during elections... And recently we have also seen a senators whose only interest in the Senate was to belong to lucrative Senate committees (like the Senate Committee on Downstream) where she could make plenty money for herself while playing tricks on the people's emotion, laying claims on projects that never existed or was never attracted by her...

Today, Senator Victor Umeh's presence in the Senate redeems the presence of a full-fledged and proud Igbo man in Nigeria. He is proud to speak as and for the Igbo man and proud to call himself a Papal Knight of the Catholic Church in a chamber dominated by Muslim majority. He feels better mixing up with his constituents therefore attending numerous functions in his zone where he could easy reach out to them and be reached as well...

Senator Victor Umeh did not seek for lucrative committee but sought committees concerned with Federal Character (where he could impact on the sharing formula in the country) and those involved in trade and commerce, security and job creation to be able to achieve his mission and vision centered on Equity and Fairness for every part of the country. He was never ashamed neither afraid to speak against perceived marginalisation particularly by the Igbos; he condemned the forceful quelling and killing of unarmed Biafran agitators, MASSOB and IPOB to be precise.

ỌHA-MA-DIKE, a name that tells a lot about the bearer, an uncommon name in Igbo land, Senator Victor Umeh has proven himself a DIKE amongst contemporaries. He fought hard to reclaim some of the entitlements of ndị Anambra Central cornered by the former and brought them home to empower the youths and women. 

He is a lover of the youth and has over 200 students currently benefiting from his scholarship program (Victor Umeh Education Foundation - VUMEF) which has produced over 75 graduates in various degrees including masters and PhD, and an additional 70 indigent and intelligent children (10 from each of the local governments) in Anambra Central benefiting from the Anambra Central Scholarship Project initiated by him to promote education in the zone and promises to sustain the gesture as long as he remain. 

After 151 youths benefited from his Youth Skill Acquisition and Empowerment Exercise, another 34 has been uplifted as well with Keke Napep (Tricycle) all in a space of 10 months of his stay in the Senate. 

Compassionate Senator Victor Umeh (Member, Senate Committee of Environment) was at Enekwasump Obosi to witness the devastating effects of erosion in the area, sympathised with affected residents and encouraged contractors for the speedy completion of the project.

Truly, like Most Rev. Dr. Jonas Benson Okoye (Catholic Auxiliary Bishop of Awka Diocese) puts it, the achievements of Senator Victor Umeh cannot be chronicled easily; a barely ONE YEAR old Senator has done so much to be used as example for others serving their forth and eighth year term accordingly. 

No matter the propaganda they carry about in their hate campaign and the ridiculous unachievable campaign promises they make, A BIRD AT HAND IS GREATER THAN TEN BIRDS IN THE SKY. Senator Victor Umeh has proven to be reliable, committed to the people's welfare and fearless to represent his people irrespective of all intimidation. 


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 *Charles Ifeanyi Obi*

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