Only foreign investors can manage electricity problems in Nigeria.

Since the country cannot handle adequate electricity supply to Nigeria,then let the federal government hand over the management of electricity by these business investors.

Government is not doing anything to improve electricity in Nigeria especially in IMO state,they get different kinds of allocations to tackle a lot of projects across the country but those whom the duty falls on their shoulders never take those projects very serious,what they do is to divert funds into unimportant white elephant projects leaving aside the most important works that they should do for the public.

The federal government should stop giving allocations to state government in Nigeria,on the other hand to improve electricity the federal government need to look at handing power projects to foreign investors and let those electricity allocations they wastes on state government be channeled to investors who can apply them judiciously for the benefits of the people.

Secondly these analogue politicians are the major setbacks in Nigeria because they use their outdated mentality to run the political business of Nigeria,these outdated politicians are also very conservative and they tend not to be moved by modern tastes,they can simply refer back to the mentality of saying that old wines are tasty.

Only modern day technocrats can develop this country called Nigeria,the development of this country cannot be done by those men who fought the Nigeria/Biafra war of early 60s because their hearts are full of darkness and tribalism.

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